Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dramatic Clouds Mod v1.3 (Ultra)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Dramatic Clouds Mod v1.3 (Ultra)

Improves the clouds for rain, snow, overcast, cloudy weather, horizon, mountains and distant clouds. In the ultra and high versions the resolution is double the vanilla resolution. This mostly translates to a jump from 512^2 to 1024^2. The exceptions are the distant clouds (from 1024x256 to 2048x512) and the mountain mists (from 256x2048 to 512x4096). Read more information for additional details. (Source:



The clouds are also smoother than the vanilla version. This reduces the pixelation that's pretty visible when looking straight up. These textures are stretched across the sky, which means any grain becomes that much more visible, hence why I've tried to minimize that.Pick Ultra for the least pixelation (compression: ARGB), High for a happy medium (compression: DXT5), and Medium for performance at the cost of quality (compression: DXT5).((Be aware that whichever sunglare you're using (vanilla definitely), that it also adds to graininess.))What it doesn't do:Change the sky dramatically (heh!), or change any other clouds than the above (upper (cirrus) clouds remain untouched, I think they're fine).Enjoy!Installation------------------As any texture file, simply unpack the .rar file and merge the data folder with the one in your Skyrim directory.To uninstall, remove these files from the sky folder in Data/textures/sky:skyrimclouds01.ddsskyrimcloudslower01.ddsskyrimcloudslower02.ddsskyrimcloudslower03.ddsskyrimcloudslower04.ddsskyrimcloudshorizon01.ddsskyrimcloudsheet01.ddsYou could of course also use the Nexus mod manager.Changelog------------------V1.0-ReleaseV1.1-Made some minor adjustments to the textures. This includes the removal of some visible tiling lines.V1.2-Smoothed the textures and alpha maps to battle grain and pixelation.-Fixed some seams that were present in the vanilla clouds.-Added horizon clouds, distant clouds and mountain mists.-Added an ultra version.-Should be final release, but might change something in the future.V1.3-Guess it wasn't the final release after all ;p.-Added more detail to Distant clouds.-Added more detail to Cloudy clouds.-Added more detail to Snow clouds + removed some of the dark spots.-Added more detail to Rain clouds.-Added more detail to Horizon clouds.

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