Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - The Lost Wizard's Island's Companion Addon

This is a partially-finished add-on for Morrowind....

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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind - The Lost Wizard's Island's Companion Addon

This is a partially-finished add-on for Morrowind.

The chunk of the Wizard's Island's expansion that I was working on. When the project got scrapped I didnt have time to convert this to a standalone or to thoroughly test it alone, hence it got shelved until I could find some time. Now im missing both Tribunal and Max 4.2 and I have other projects to work on, so im releasing this as is. Not everything has been tested (some stuff is rather hard to test alone due to the massive amount of variable dialogue and such). Still, this should be valuable at least as a modders resource, and the main dungeon should be playable. My hope here is that something will come of the work I put into this, and that bits or pieces may be used towards future mod projects. Or, maybe someone can take this project over and convert it to a standalone.

Features: Several brand new companions featuring interesting background stories that will be elaborated on over time, a lot of variable dialogue, changeable allignments based on dialogue responses, a complex relationship system, a new camping system, several new abilities such as the ability to set traps, a 'smart jump' system which can be enabled by the player, and a ton of other stuff which I can't remember (I havent worked on this in over a year and a half).

-Also, a brand new dungeon, four entirely new creatures, and an epic boss encounter.

Hopefully the ReadMe/ Instructions do an adequate job of describing both how to use this mod, and in crediting the people whos meshes and textures have been used. If either is not the case, please contact me and I will fix it ASAP. If anyone wants to dissect or complete the mod, I will be happy to help within the limits of my current position (ie: not having Tribunal makes it difficult to fix much of anything, but I can certainly explain scripts and the dialogue system to my best ability).

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