Night Train Demo

Here's the beta demo of Night Train, an indie adventure game...

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Night Train Demo

Here's the beta demo of Night Train, an indie adventure game set in 1920's England. The demo features part of the game's opening scenes and some of the many puzzles within. Anna is alone. Traveling late at night, she drifts off to a restless sleep. She dreams about the events in her life that brought her to this journey on the Night Train. As you explore her memories you begin to find new ones surface as you glimpse at the events that shaped her life. Throughout the dream you will learn the fate of her family and her ultimate destiny. Part of a series of short stories, 'Night Train' will be the first in an anthology called 'The Things that Haunt Us'. An experiment in digital story telling that will use games to explore a collection of tales. These can be adventure, interactive fiction and possibly a platform game thrown in for fun! The full game is set to be released July 2010.

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