Chrysler World Tours

Full-featured golf game that includes integrated online...

  • Category Golf
  • Size 52.6 MB
  • Program by Friendly Software Corporation

Chrysler World Tours

Full-featured golf game that includes integrated online play, expansive course library, and realistic graphics and sound.

More often than not, commercial games are quite a bit better than their freeware counterparts. Most of this comes down to the lack of development resources, but every now and then a freeware game comes along that commercial developers really need to take a good look at.

The World Tours series now has its third rendition, Chrysler "Drive & Love" World Tours. Throughout its renditions, World Tours has evolved into one of the coolest golf games any of us have ever seen. Through different tournaments (and other game modes), gamers can play for prizes ranging from video game consoles to golf equipment to vacation getaways.

Surprisingly, the game engine is quite robust, using very high-quality visuals and sound. There are different ways to to handle view, stroke, and club selection and basically anything you could think of. Most likely you will find that everything you're used to seeing in Links, you will find here.

There is a pay service offered by World Tours, which allows you to have even more options and more chances to win prizes. Once you take a look at their prize catalog, you'll see why everyone is talking about this game.

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