Half-Life 2 - Nude Alyx Model with Shiny Fix

Replace Alyx's city 17 clothes for her birthday suit...

Half-Life 2 - Nude Alyx Model with Shiny Fix

Replace Alyx's city 17 clothes for her birthday suit. Warning: This mod should NOT be downloaded by those under the age of 18. Adult content with nudity.

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Valentine's Nudity FileBlog.

Alyx Nude mod installation:

Simply run the Alyx Nude setup file, and when it asks, browse to find your Steam account name/email address folder in your steam folder. From there, the installer will install the needed files where they belong. Once the Installation is finished, just load up Half Life 2 or Garry’s Mod and you’ll see the original Alyx replaced by the Nude version. If you wish to go back to the original at any time,simply uninstall the mod using add/remove programs. As long as you keep the setup file you’re always a minute away from getting Alyx out of her clothes.

Shiny Fix installation:

To install simply put the two files in the archive inside ValveSteamSteamApps[user name]half-life 2hl2materialsmodelsAlyx and choose yes to replace the old files.

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