Left 4 Dead - City Naniwa Map

These 5 campaign maps are based on Osaka...

Left 4 Dead - City Naniwa Map

These 5 campaign maps are based on Osaka. Taking placing in Japan you will travel through a shopping mall, arcade, highway and subway until you end up fighting under the Tsutenkaku tower, the "Eiffel Tower" of Osaka.





Install to /maps/ folder, open console ~ and type 'map l4d_naniwa01_shoppingmall_a1'

If your console is disabled, enable this option in your game settings. - Download the latest L4D maps and campaigns.


v3.06 Release Notes (03/06/09)

- Fixed bugs and added improvements to maps.

v3.01 Release Notes (03/02/09)

- Added improvements to Shopping malls and other structures.

- The shops and decorations are more well-established.

- Clearly marked the location of the safe room door switch.

- The problem has also been well represented where the exits are located.

- Numerous improvements added to further progress all maps.

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