Half-Life - CS: 52Sav

This mappack contains some great small maps, idela for...

Half-Life - CS: 52Sav

This mappack contains some great small maps, idela for private LANs, Bot practise, 2on2s etc. Waypoints for the PodBot are included.

This pack is a result of the "Just 52 hours"-Fast Mapping Contest of The mappers were given 52 hours, a theme and a set of textures to create a map with. Apart from our TopTenPack, this is the second and final spin-off.

Many great maps were created, that were simply to small to be used on a normal inet server.

But with lots of people asking for small maps, e.g. for small LANs, this pack should be a perfect download for those occasions.

It includes 11 fine maps and waypoints for the POD-BoT.

More information here:

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