Arcanum Patch v1.0.6.4 to v1.0.7.0

This is a patch that updates your RPG title, Arcanum...

Arcanum Patch v1.0.6.4 to v1.0.7.0

This is a patch that updates your RPG title, Arcanum. There were a number of addition and major fixes so download it and patch up. Also see more info for details on what's included.

This info replaces the Readme for Arcanum patch to version

To install the patch, execute Arcanum_en_1064_1070.exe and follow the prompts. The patch will start at the default install directory. If you did not install to this path, please find the folder that your "Arcanum.exe" resides in. Then continue on with the install to add the latest files.

This patch adds several new features.

First, a fullscreen view was added by popular demand. In order to use it, you must begin the game with the switch "-fullscreen". The easiest way to do this is to modify your desktop shortcut for Arcanum (right-click on the short cut and select Properties, then edit the Target line to include the -fullscreen option). When the game begins, you will have a regular game interface, but pressing F10 will toggle the fullscreen interface on and off. Note that fullscreen mode requires more memory and more processor time, so this option is only recommended for faster machines. If you choose not to use this mode, remove the -fullscreen option to return to optimum preformance.

Uninstallation of Arcanum currently doesn't remove the Fullscreen icon from your Start Menu. If you wish to get rid of this after uninstalling Arcanum, follow these steps:

1) Open up My Computer and go to your C drive.

2) Open the Windows folder and click "Show Files".

3) Open the Start Menu folder and double click the Programs icon.

4) Double Click Sierra and then select the Arcanum icon.

5) Delete this icon.

Second, inventory interfaces had a right-click action added to them. During bartering, right-clicking on one of your items will sell it, and right-clicking on one of the merchant's items will buy it. During looting, right-clicking on one of the container items will loot it, and right-clicking on an item in your inventory will send it to the container. During stealing, right-clicking on an item in the target's inventory will make you try to steal it, and right-clicking on an item in your inventory will make you try to plant it in the target's inventory. Finally, right-clicking on an item in your personal inventory interface will attempt to use that item on yourself (ie. right-clicking on a heal potion will make your character drink it).

Third, we are now allowing followers to attempt to pick locks without having to possess a set of lockpicks (but a set will improve his chances). This feature allows the player to use the group's sole set of lockpicks to attempt to pick a lock, and if the follower has a better chance to succeed, he will take over the lockpicking attempt.

Finally, we changed the perceived values when examining items. If the player examines a WIELDED item on another character, then the description of that item uses the other character's Magick-Tech Aptitude, rather than the player's Magick-Tech aptitude. This means any value affected by aptitude, such as weight or speed, will appear with their value for the wielding character. This change only affects wielded items; looking at the item in the other character's inventory (such as during bartering or stealing) will still examine the item with the player's aptitude.

Several new keyboard shortcuts were added:

-- ends your turn-based combat round

-- Skill UI toggle

-- Magic spell UI toggle

-- Centers the screen on your character

This patch also fixes several bugs:

- several crash bugs were fixed

- a slow-down was fixed on video cards with large amounts of memory (greater than 32 Meg) that occurred when the art cache was full

- several dialogs were fixed to prevent endless loops, infinite money supplies, or incorrect responses (like smart characters getting lines for dumb ones)

- critical hits were being calculated incorrectly for characters with a Melee skill of less than 3

- NPC alignment could fluctuate abruptly for no apparent reason (but there was a reason, and we fixed it)

- some NPC's started with the wrong faction or alignment, and they have been corrected

***The PatchReadme.txt informs the user to uninstall the patch via the Start Menu. This function has been removed. If you wish to go back to the original version of Arcanum you must uninstall Arcanum and reinstall (make sure to keep your saved games though!).***

Tech support has moved since the original release. Please use the following info if you have problems:

Sierra On-Line

Technical Support

4247 South Minnewawa Avenue

Fresno, CA 93725

Main: (425) 644-4343

Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST

Fax: (310) 258-0755

[email protected]

The Troika Team.

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