Airborne Assault Gold Demo

Take part in the biggest Airborne operation in history! Can...

  • Category Turn-Based
  • Size 17.4 MB
  • Program by and Panther Games

Airborne Assault Gold Demo

Take part in the biggest Airborne operation in history! Can your British "Red Devils" seize and hold the Rhine crossings and end the war before Christmas 1944? Or can your desperate German forces resist the onslaught and eliminate this threat to the heartland? You'll be the one to decide. Update! Now includes v1.1.46 features and new Singling map!

The Demo is fully featured except that there is no multiplayer support and you can only play the first 12 hours of each scenario. But don't worry you'll have enough time to complete the tutorials and to sample the great wargaming action.

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/XP/2000

What You Need - Minimum

Celeron 366Mhz

64MB Ram

2Mb Video Card supporting 800x600 screensize at 16Bits

SoundBlaster compatible sound card

200MB Hard Disk Space CD-ROM Drive

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