Unreal Version 226 Final

Fixes to Direct 3D rendering, updated sound code and...

Unreal Version 226 Final

Fixes to Direct 3D rendering, updated sound code and networking improvements are present in this final patch for Unreal 1.


This is the final Unreal 1 patch. We do not expect there will be any more updates to Unreal 1.

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Fixes and Improvements

Direct3D Render Device

Updated to the same Direct3D code as in Unreal Tournament version 420.


Updated to the same sound code as in Unreal Tournament version 420.


Improved dedicated server performance.

Fixed packet id wraparound error causing client-side weapons to disappear.

Fixed packet size overrun causing packets to be lost.

New DISCONNECT and RECONNECT console commands.

New server -profilestats command line option for performance monitoring.

Editor Issues

People having trouble starting UnrealEd (runtime errors or other trouble) should get this fix from the web:

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