Pathologic Demo

This is the demo for...

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  • Program by Buka Entertainment / GMX Media

Pathologic Demo

This is the demo for


, a First Person Simulator where your character has to spend 12 days in a town contaminated by an unknown disease. The fate of the town and your own life depend on your decisions and actions.

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The environment supposes the absence of scientific and technical progress, primitive level of social development. The disease and disease-fighting methods are conditional. The simulator is first of all oriented on the mechanism of sound decision-making.

1. System requirements


Operational System: Windows 98/2000/XP

Processor: Pentium III 800 MHz

HDD: 1.8 Gb HDD space

Memory: 384 Mb RAM

Video: Geforce2

Sound: Direct Sound compatible sound card


Controls: mouse, keyboard


Operational System: Windows 98/2000/XP

Processor: Pentium 4 1.4 GHz

HDD: 1.8 Gb HDD space

Memory: 512 Mb RAM

Video: Geforce3 or higher

Sound: Direct Sound compatible sound card


Controls: mouse, keyboard

2. Installation

Please run SETUP.EXE and follow on-screen instructions.

To start the game DirectX 9.0c must be installed.

To start the game OpenAL must be installed.

To uninstall the simulator click Start, point to Programs\Buka\Pathologic DEMO and click Uninstall the game.

4. Settings

There are In-Game and Out-Game settings of the simulator.

4.1. Out-Game settings

Open settings utility in "Start\Programs\Buka\Pathologic DEMO" menu.

Then choose:

Video - if you want to change screen resolution, colour depth, refresh rate and antialiasing or texture quality.

Sound - if you want to change volume or quality of music, voices and sound effects.

4.2. In-Game settings

After the start of the simulator choose Settings in Main Menu. Then choose:

Video - if you want to change visual effects: enable/disable shadows, screen brightness.

Audio - if you want to change the volume of music and sound effects.

Controls - if you want to redefine control keys.

5. Controls

5.1. Player movement:

[W] [UP ARROW] forward

[S] [DOWN ARROW] back

[A] [LEFT ARROW] strafe left

[D] [RIGHT ARROW] strafe right

[SPACE] jump


5.2. Player action:

[Tab] enable/disable player hands

[mouse1] attack

[mouse2] block

[R] recharge a weapon

[X] free hands

5.3. Game controls:

[M] map

[I] inventory

[P] player statistics

[Q] diary

[L] letters

[E] use

[T] list of adherents

5.4. Other:

[F] flashlight

[V] visir

5.5. Extra options

[F5] quick save

[F8] quick load

[F12] make a screenshot (screenshots are saved in game binaries folder)

Exit from functional windows (except dialogue boxes) - any key.

Quest list:

The Haruspicus scenario.

Day 4.

Quest of the day "Mysterious blood": find out the source of blood Rubin is working with.

How to find: Dankovskiy's letter at 7:15 in the morning.

Quest "The weapon secret": ravage Notkin's weapon stash. Given by Spichka.

How to find: letter.

Quest "Marauders": Notkin asks you to bring 4 crowbars.

How to find: Notkin's letter at 12:00.

Day 5.

Quest of the day "Thrilling heart": get a heart of an infected steppe dweller.

How to find: Bachelor's letter in the morning.

Quest "Well": find out, what's going on in Younger Vlad's well.

How to find: Younger Vlad's letter.

Quest (activity?) "Rat races": bring rat's to the doghead.

How to find: letter.

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