Evochron Renegades Demo

Evochron Renegades is a space sim that features three main...

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Evochron Renegades Demo

Evochron Renegades is a space sim that features three main gameplay modes including training, freeform single player and multiplayer. The player is able to choose their own path in the game and can become anything from a pirate to a miner, and virtually anything in between.

Note: We have now uploaded the updated version of the demo.

This next update is focused on multiplayer enhancements. Version 1.288 is ready for download and includes the following improvements.

- Update rates and frames-per-second now displayed in multiplayer for all connected players.

- Support added for excluding single player profiles (player requested for fair role playing gameplay).

- Automatic disconnect time limit decreased for less delay with a non-responsive connection.

- NPC/AI controlled ships in multiplayer now transport cargo similar to single player.

- Item type shifting when transferring items from weapon slots to cargo bays fixed.

- Station docking lights disappearing when jumping from near a planet now fixed.

- Chat messages in exit and restore menus now added to main chat log.

- Hostile ships can now be bribed in multiplayer as in single player.

- Memory leak occuring after long term multiplayer gameplay fixed.

- Formation throttle control now more precise and fuel efficient.

- Greeting messages now functional with the server program.

- Rain effects expanded for type '3' planet atmospheres.

- Station licenses sometimes auto-revoked, now fixed.

The server program has been updated to include the option to exclude single player profiles in addition to displaying the framerates and update rates of each connected player. The memory leak mentioned above has also been fixed, allowing the program to run indefinitely without the slowly increasing memory condition. For additional information on the new multiplayer AI cargo transport system, visit:

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