Operation Razor

This Conquest map for Desert Combat is huge, offering many...

Operation Razor

This Conquest map for Desert Combat is huge, offering many good locations for battle.

Installation instructions:

Run the installer, DCM_Operation_Razor.exe, it should extract the map file to the correct directory. Make sure your installer points to the Battlefield 1942 folder.

If you have changed your default directory, make sure to point the installer to the correct place.

File Info:

This is a map which I created for the Desert Combat BF1942 modification.

Developer name: Gas

E-mail: sdcotrunks@hotmail.com

How to remove:

Simply delete the DCM_Operation_Razor.rfa file from the C:\Program Files\EA GAMES\Battlefield 1942\mods\DesertCombat\Archives\bf1942\levels\ directory.

In the meantime only conquest mode is availible. Possible CTF and COOP modes may be made availible at a later date.


Copyright © 2003 DCMaps.net


It is finally complete! Run this installer and play!

-COOP and CTF not availible... yet. Expect possible updates to open these modes up!

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