Your task is to recover the treasure stolen by the Dark...

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Your task is to recover the treasure stolen by the Dark Forces. The stolen gold is being closely guarded by the Dark Forces robots, the Spereoids.


LoadRunner for PalmOS (c) 1999, Aaron Ardiri




Your an imperial agent, codenamed: "LoadRunner".

Your task is to recover the treasure stolen by the Dark Forces. The

stolen gold is being closely guarded by the Dark Forces robots, the


Armed with a digging vaporizer and your wits, you set forth on your




When you dig a hole with your vaporizer; you can safely fall through

to the ground below, but if a Spereoid chasing you falls into the

hole; they will get stuck.

You may safely stand on a Spereiods head; getting on top can be


The Spereiods can only carry one treasure, and a level is not over

until you get all of it. To get treasure off a Spereiod, you must

trap them in a hole. The treasure will appear above them.

Just because it looks solid, it does not mean it is. Regular bricks

can contain trap doors.

Not all bricks can be vaporized; solid bricks and trap doors may not

be vaporized.

After all the treasure is collected, you need to climb to the top of

the level to continue to the next.

If a Spereiods comes in contact with you, you die, and the level




There are two modes of control for your runner:

KEYS: Use the six keys on your Pilot to control your runner

(configurable). The keys allow you to move the runner and

dig holes to trap guards.

STYLUS: Tapping a point on the screen will make the runner run

to that location (if possible). To dig holes, the user

must tap the area where the hole should be dug.

The [MENU] button terminates the current game.

The [FIND] button aborts the current life.

High Scores:


A high score table is being maintained at the LoadRunner web page:

When registered users play the ORIGINAL level set, they are shown an

information screen containing their SCORE and access CODE. This info

should be emailed to the address shown.



In order to register LoadRunner, you will need to purchase ONLINE

(using your credit card) at PalmCentral.

LoadRunner is ONLY US$10, and ALL updates are FREE.

Registration gives you the ability to play custom level sets and

obtain information relating to the development of LoadRunner.

Once you register at PalmCentral, a registration code will be sent

to you the NEXT working day (unless I am sick?) :)




LoadRunner supports a maximum of 16 database sets installed.



To install custom database sets, you simply need to HotSync the

.PDB file to your Pilot device.



ONLY registered users of LoadRunner can use the custom level sets.

You will be able to select the database to use using the menu:


This will select the database requested, and ALL operations

(including editing, playing etc) will occur from this database

until it is either removed or another is selected.



You will be able to remove the database to use using the menu:




ONLY registered users of LoadRunner can create custom level sets.


ALL LoadRunner level sets created MUST BE released as FREEWARE.

You are not allowed to make money on CUSTOM LEVEL sets.

If you have created a level set which is challenging or has a

particular theme, then you should contact Aaron Ardiri at the

following email address and supply a copy for other people to


mailto: [email protected]



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