Left 4 Dead - Death Stop Campaign

Get to the Truck Stop in a shortish 4 map Co-Op campaign,

Left 4 Dead - Death Stop Campaign

Get to the Truck Stop in a shortish 4 map Co-Op campaign, It's a little rough.. will fix a few things up down the track a bit.. If you find there are to many items, easy fix for-now, Don't pick them up! ;)

DEATH STOP (By: Draxonfly)


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Bugs, Issues and Things still to do...

- If survivors fail the final missions and not make it to the rescue vehicle, when the map restarts there is no 'music' (tank, mob and such music): atm the only work-around for this is DON'T Die!!! (I do not know why this is happening, I will need to look into it more)

- Sometimes the survivor 'Bots' have trouble getting into the rescue vehicle at the end, I feel it is a nav issue, I have fixed it a little, will have to fix it up more in the future...

- there are some places where Ai (survivor bots and zombies) get 'Stuck', again a bit of a nav issue, and such, no real problem, the Bots will just 'port' to you after a bit...

- I want to add more custom textures and such, fix the 'Pub' sign, and put more of the ones I have around the place...

- The 'fence' at the end break time needs adjusting to look more 'real' with the situation...

- More map Optimisation needed for better frame rates and such.

- Pub needs a bit of a make-over

- Some of the lighting in game need adjusting.

- Train yard needs... Fixing... I don't like the 'Clip' between the trains to make a path direction, will have to sort something 'nicer' out, but for now it does the trick, though looks kinda funny...

- Sometimes the 'Music' at the start does not play... Don't know why..

- The Lighting or the cubemaps don't look right, they look fine in hammer and when I play the map through hammer, but after vpk'n them the maps don't look as 'nice' (lighting is all screwy, funny colours, pops are dark, and it just looks.. different).. I don't know why...

- A few props need 'replacing' (some to high off the ground and such)..

- I want to redo the poster, I am not totally happy with it (it is a bit dark), it was sort of rushed.. Need a good quiet time to get it done better...

- and there are a few other little niggling things...

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