Home Front Beta v.1

Home Front is exciting mod that takes Some Scifi based works...

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  • Program by Home Front Team

Home Front Beta v.1

Home Front is exciting mod that takes Some Scifi based works to enhance the multiplayer 64 person environment of BF1942 and throws them into a battlefield in a custom Sol System.

Home Front Beta .1






MA5B Assault Rifle

M6D pistol

M90 Shotgun

S2AMSR Sniper Rifle

SPNKR Bazooka


Fragmentation Grenade

Deployable Barrier


Plasma Rifle

Plasma Supporter

Plasma Sniper

Plasma Pistol

Plasma Grenade

Plasma Knife

Plasme Burst

Fuel Rod Cannon

Plasma Accelerator

Deployable Shields




Warthog AT


Scorpian Assault Tank

Lobster Artiallary Tank

Pelican Dropship

Puma APC carrier



Shadow AT

Shadow APC



Wraith Tank

Apparition Dropship




-----other things:

-Warthogs Feature Double steering

-Passenger seat exit point is in passenger seat so you can stand up and shoot any weapon and not fall out

-Warthog AT has custom Projectile

-Custom menu graphics and music

-Lobster Arty has custom Muzzle Flash

-hover ability on all Covenant vehicles

-Nade Xplosion effects

-Spartan Player Model

-Elite Player Model

-Human Stationary Gun

-Varioud skin updates

-Bot support(with names)

-Kit buttons

-Custom Sounds

-Map Specific Skins for units

-6 Classes

-Amphibious Wraith, Ghost, Shadows, Creep

-Custom Radio Commands

-Custom Loading Screens


-All Defaluts

-Blood Gulch Rounds 1 2 3

-Skyland Rounds 1 2 3


-Cote D Azur

-Alpha Base

-Covenanet Wasteland


1845 Hours, September 19, 2552 (Military Calendar) /

UNSC Leviathan, Earth airspace

Admiral Stanforth sighed as he looked at the statstics from the last few battles the UNSC and Covenant had engaed in. It had been almost a month since Reach had fallen, and Doctor Halseys' prediction of Earth having a standard year left had shrunk to a couple of months.

United Nations Space Command Priority Transmission


Encryption Code: Blue

Public Key: file /lighting-matrix-four/

From: NavSpecWep, Section 3, Lieutenant Henry Irons/

(UNSC Service Number: 01829-19893-HI)

To: Admiral Michael Stanforth, Commanding Officer UNSC Leviathan/

(UNSC Service Number: 0084-19223-HS)

Subject: Battle statistics from last three months of UNSC action

Classification: Security level 3 (BGX Directive)

/start file/

Admiral Stanforth,

In the last four battles, the UNSC had lost thirty-five frigates, twenty-one destroyers, eighteen cruisers, and one carrier. Over 5000 personnel, and two worlds to the Covenant juggernaut. Infantry has suffered severe losses in all sectors...

Stanforth didn't bother himself with reading the rest of the file, he'd heard more bad news in the last week than in the rest of his life. With the Covenant at Earth's door step, it seemed impossible for humanity to stop their imminent discovery of Earth. A last effort to stop the Covenant was being devised, and the spooks at ONI had said that if their plan was executed with efficiency, humanity had more of a chance for survival. He read the file all the way through and winced inwardly as he read the civilian loss of life. Over 200,000,000 people had died, slaughtered by the Covenant. He closed the file and laid his face in his hands. This would be the most trying time for humanity. It would either be their finest hour, or their utter defeat. The Covenant had entered the Human Home Front, they always knew the Covenant would find Earth...now it was time to do something about it.

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