Goggle! is a program designed to offer fast Desktop access...

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Goggle! is a program designed to offer fast Desktop access to your favorite searches. A floating toolbar, Goggle! is reminiscent of your browsers' address bar, but on steroids!

Easily and quickly search Google, eBay, IMDb, Amazon and more...


Goggle! is a program designed to allow quick access to many of Google.coms' search functions.

Goggle! was borne of my need for frequent searches, and was inspired by the GoogleBar. Unfortunately, the GoogleBar for browsers isn't available when the browser is, I set about making one that would launch the default browser with my Google options pre-filled, so all I have to do is:

STEP 1: Click my search type/site

STEP 2: type my keyword

STEP 3: Hit enter...

Bam! We have results!


Goggle! has some neat features, including:

*Search (GoogleGroups)

*Search (New!)

*Search for phone numbers through Google

*Search for Maps through Google and YahooMaps

*Search eBay


*Search Barnes and

*Search the Internet Movie Database!

*Get the definition of a word through

*Check your vocabulary at

*Do specific searches on Linux, Apple, FreeBSD and (US)Government sites

*Get instant quotes from Google and Quicken

*See what sites link a specific domain

*Search a specific domain only

Other Goggle! Features:

*Keep it on top of other programs for fast access (except for the %^#$@ taskbar...sigh)

*Handy tooltips that give search syntax examples (over the text area)

*Launch it from a handy tray icon

*Move it anywhere on the screen and it remembers its last position and size

*Remembers your last search type...

*Launch searches in new browser windows...

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