Lunch Lady Invasion Episode 1: They're Hungry

For millenia students world wide have asked the simple...

Lunch Lady Invasion Episode 1: They're Hungry

For millenia students world wide have asked the simple question... What the hell is in "mystery meata?"


Title : Lunch Lady Invasion Episode 1

Version : 1.0

Release Date : October 1, 2000

Filename : nhs1.bsp, hungry1.bsp, hungry2.bsp, hungry3.bsp

Filesize(zipped): 4.7 meg

Author(s) : pw33n15

Webpage :

Email Address : [email protected]

Description : SP


---Play Information---

Game : Half-Life

Level Name : Lunch Lady Invasion Episode 1: They're Hungry

Game Mode : SP

Players : 1

Known Bugs : None


Editor Used : Worldcraft 3.3

Compile Machine : p2 300, 175m RAM, voodoo 3 3000, win95

Base : It has some parts which are

vague parodies of "They Hunger,"

does that count?

Construction Time : Roughly 2 months


Warning, this map contains shitloads of profanity (hehe). Oh yeah,

and destroy lots of stuff. Not just because its fun!

Also, the general plot is this. You are a typical American high

school student (yes I know you're not armed at the beginning,

and everybody knows that all American school children are armed

to the teeth 24-7 but you uh... you forgot your weapondry at home

is that a good enough explaination?). Anyway you get called

to the principal's office during lunch, and here is where the fun


E-mail me with any comments on the level, praise or criticism.

Any feedback is much appreciated.

---Special thanks---

Paul "Pantaloons" Dudley for "being my Cliffy B."

Bertodon Slutbag for giving me the core concept for this

mission pack.


Copyright and Permissions

If you wanna release this map on a CD rom or similar media,

there is something very wrong with you and I suggest you

seek therapy... imediately.

(c) Copyright 2000 pw33n15


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