Section 8 PS3 Dedicated Server

Section 8 allows anyone to host a dedicated server for up to...

Section 8 PS3 Dedicated Server

Section 8 allows anyone to host a dedicated server for up to 32 PS3 player's through TimeGate's proprietary TGNServer, available exclusively on FilePlanet! For the first time ever, you can host your own PS3 dedicated server from the comfort of your home PC. That's right! Your PC will function as a PS3 dedicated server!

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Unlike other games that require you to have an extra full copy of the game and an extra console to run a dedicated server, Section 8 gives you unprecedented flexibility! Setup your own map rotations and settings so you and your friends can enjoy the game your way at no extra cost. All you need is a PC, a broadband internet connection, and some hard drive space! You will have to grab a copy of Section 8 on PS3 to enjoy your settings, but the title is easily available on the PlayStation Store, so it's only just one quick download away.

TGNSever is easy to install, and has a detailed readme file to help you get started. So fire up TGNServer, sign-in to PlayStation Network on your PS3, and start playing Section 8 on your own dedicated server today!

*Maximum players supported can vary depending on bandwidth and PC hardware configuration

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