Xara X

A powerful graphics creation tool for creating, composing...

Xara X

A powerful graphics creation tool for creating, composing and optimizing vector and bitmap graphics.

A powerful graphics creation tool that allows you to create, combine and optimise both vector and bitmap graphics to create professional-grade designs. Achieve stunning results by combining drawn images with bitmaps and applying special effects such as transparency, pressure sensitive brush stroking, smoothly graduated blends and fills. Built-in time and labor saving features such as automated soft shadows, bevels, contours and feathering make this a supremely productive tool - plus Xara X offers the fastest rendering in the business. Web features include a javascript button bar tool, image slicing, Dreamweaver integration, advanced color palette control, Flash export, animated GIF creation. The UI is designed to minimise the on-screen clutter with on-document editing that makes your design the centre of attention.

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