The Infinite Shift

This is a single-player level for Half-Life: Blue Shift...

The Infinite Shift

This is a single-player level for Half-Life: Blue Shift.


The Infinite Shift



Title : Read above... :-)

Filename : shift.exe

Author : Davide Di Bartolo (Crazy)

E-mail : [email protected]

VERY IMPORTANT: this level won't start on your computer if you don't install the Blue-Shift patch for the version


* Description *

Single player level for Half Life:Blue-Shift made of 12 maps.

These 12 maps aren't of an high quality level, seen that i couldn't find the time to concentrate on them a lot, but are funny and are featuring a lot of scripted sequences.

The firefights aren't very very difficult so i suggest to choose the "Difficult" level setting when beginning the game.

If you encounter some difficulties or you wanna to play at the best "The Infinite Shift" read the hints.txt file that contains some suggestments to play better; this file can be found in the "bshift" folder.


* Story *

The story starts where the original Blue-Shift ended: after having saved himself from Black-Mesa toghether with Rosenberg and the other 2 scientists, something goes wrong and Calhoun is teletransported in the alien dimension for a computer error.

... yes i know, isn't very original....but is just an excuse to put the hands again on the weapons!)


* Informations *

Game : Half-Life:Blue-Shift

Single Player : yes

Deathmatch : No

Difficulty setting : Yes

New sounds : No

New graphics : No


* Construction *

Base : from scratch

Building time : 3 months and a half

Used editor : WorldCraft v3.3

Other Program : H-L Compilation controller v1.2 (courtesy of theAntiELVIS)

HLMdlViewer v2.1 (by Otis,Ascent e Dark Yoda)

SpriteViewer v1.05 (by David Flor)

PakExplorer v1.2 (by Ashley Bone)


* Installation *

Launch the shift.exe file: the program will install by itself the files in the choosen folde, that must be ...\bshift\ inside the game folder(generally c:\sierra\Blue-Shift\bshift\).


* Beginning the game *

To load the level, start "Blue-Shift console",click on "console" and write:

skill x (where x is: 1=easy difficulty 2=medium difficulty 3=difficult)

After that write:

map ba_shift1



* Known bugs *

There aren't bugs of relevant importance, but in the level there are some small problems(like the elevator in the 4 level).

There are some graphical errors with the Shadows actived.

I suggest to install also the HD-PACK to have a better graphic and to solve some visualization problems in the animations i saw with the older models.


* prefabs *

"Army truck" by Barry A. Bollinger

"Personal Computer" by revolver

"Clocks" by Lord Dakushna

"desertTank" by Chaos

"Flatbed Cargo Transport" by Paveway

"dumpY1" by Yak_Fighter

"Bulletin Board" by QuakeGuru

"coffeeY1" by Yak_Fighter

"mortar" by Lord Dakushna

"RedDoor" by Carsten Schwartz

"Rocket Turret" by Lord Dakushna

"Vending1Y" by Yak_Fighter

"streetlightY1" by Yak_Fighter

"whitecar" by ????????

"HEVholder" by ?????????

"other prefabs" by Valve


* thanks to *

I thank Valve for Half-Life, Gearbox for Blue-Shift, the author of the prefabs i used and all the people that will try my add-on!

A particular thank to the author of the tutorials i found in the "valve editing resource center" and "The handy vandal's almanac".

Thanks to Black Dog([email protected]) for the translation of the english files.


* File usage *

Other authors can't use these levels as a base for other works.

These files can be distributed on every support (internet, cd...)at the condition that they'll be not modified.

Half-Life is trademark of Valve software.

Blue-Shift is a trademark of Gearbox software

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