Tiberian Sun 2

This MOD will give Tiberian Sun new life and gameplay...

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Tiberian Sun 2

This MOD will give Tiberian Sun new life and gameplay. Features simpler gameplay, "new" units, and faster gamespeed.

Tiberian Sun Firestorm Rules Files

Title:Tiberian Sun 2


Email:[email protected]

Created using the SunEdit 2K editor.

It's called Tiberian Sun 2 because it is somewhat influenced by the gameplay of Red Alert 2 (ie. units have second fucntion and faster gameplay) but is still Tiberian Sun at heart (the 2 in Tiberian Sun 2 came from the 2 of Red Alert 2). Sorry for the lame title. It does not have new units. But most of the "new" units are actually hybrid units. The purpose of this mod is to make Tiberian Sun simpler and faster but still keep it like Tiberian Sun.

pls email me comments ang suggestions (like if the game is not balanced)

Installation:just copy both INI files to your Tiberian Sun Firestorm directory


general changes:

-faster gameplay

-smaller tech trees

-structures are weaker

-lesser units

-lesser structures

-all units are faster and/or stronger

-Radar gives a free Mobile sensor array

-Engineer is also a medic

-new veteran abilities

-que limit is 30

GDI changes:

-Hover MLRS APC = Amphibious APC + Hover MLRS. The HOver MLRS can now carry five passengers

-EM pulse Disruptor Tank = Mobile EM pulse + Disruptor Tank. deploy to use the EM pulse

-Juggernaut does not need to deploy to fire

-Mammoth MkII hovers and is also a MObile War Factory. Deploy to use. build limit of two

-Orca Bomber Carryall = Orca Bomber + Carryall. build limit of four

-Jumpjet Fighter = jumpjet infantry + orca fighter. the jumpjet infantry has the gun of the orca fighter

-can now build Obelisk of Light,Tiberium Waste facility, Advanced power plant, SAM sites

-more units have sensors

-Ghost Stalker is stronger

NOD changes:

-Artillery does not need to deply to fire

-Flame Subterranean APC = Devil's Tongue + Subterranean APC. the APC can now fire fireballs

-Stealth Tank Reaper = Stealth Tank + Cyborg Reaper. Stealth Tank can shoot web on infantry units

-Fist of NOD is now a subterranean unit when travelling

-Cyborg Commando is weaker but has no build limit

-Rocket Infantry has stealth and has better firepower

-Mutant Hijacker increased build limit to three

There are some more changes that i forgot to would notice them anyway.

Known Bugs:

-AI builds component towers

-AI does not seem to know how to build certain structures and units


GDI advantages::

-the only side with air units

-has more powerful units

NOD advantages::

-has two superweapons

-better use of stealth technology

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