Heat of Battle v.41

This is the full v.41 installation of Heat of Battle, an...

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Heat of Battle v.41

This is the full v.41 installation of Heat of Battle, an interesting and unique modification for Call of Duty. This version brings even more stability and fun then previous versions!

V0.40 Changes:


- End of the Round stats fixed to update kills and ratios correctly.

- Spawn Protection bug fixed, should work 100% of time now.


Code changes:

- Mobile MG code added.

- New Squad System implemented (Accessible through Voice Comm menu).

- Voice Comm menu integrated with Squad System.

- Progressive Spawning support for maps added.

- Linear Capping progression code for maps added.

Graphics changes:

- Deployment Icon shows when a mobile mg weapon is at a deployable surface.

- New HuD Icons.

- New Sniper Reticle.

- Custom Connection Screen added.

Sounds changes:

- New Ambience Sound included for mapping.

- Players now hear pain sounds when you shoot people or get shot.

- Capture confirmation sound implemented for Allies.

- Sound aliases for various sounds updated to fade with distance.

Weapons changes:

- Fully functioning Deployable BAR added.

- American and British grenades now have an alternate fire-mode. (Alternate mode starts the fuse AFTER the grenade is thrown)

- Grenades for all nationalities tweaked to more realistic values and effects.

- All bolt-action rifles now go out of iron sights when rechambering.

- Sniper rifles now do same damage as bolt-action rifles.

- Greaser hip/ads accuracy values adjusted.

- Thompson hip accuracy values adjusted.

- Weapon location damage table updated for head and neck shots.


-HoB_Village by Giovanni; Polished and overhauled by Mojambo

-HoB_Dawnville by Infinity Ward; Converted by Giovanni

-HoB_RailSpike by Wade Wilson

-HoB_Occupied by Wade Wilson

-HoB_Grand_Central by BigBoyG

-HoB_Second_Coming by BigBoyG

-HoB_Enterrez by BigBoyG

-HoB_Isolation by BigBoyG

-HoB_CR44 by Lunt

**-Change Log_________________________

V0.32 Changes:


- Fixed the manner in which shellshock was being used to reduce problems caused for some users.

- Fixed an issue that was causing servers to not be able to change the Friendly Fire setting to Off or Reflective

- Fixed an issue where after a round ended due to timelimit, the game would say "Axis/Allies Win" regardless of which team had the higher point total

- Fixed an exploit where players could get around class limits

- Fixed an issue where servers weren't logging the Player's GUID on Player Connect

- Fixed scr_hob_timelimit not working correctly. You can now also update the timelimit of the map dynamically by simply changing the CVAR. The timer will reflect the change.

- Fixed two errant sound references that were causing problems for some people on connection.


- You can now toggle if a weapon only drops with what ammo was left in the gun when it was dropped [no extra clips]. This is defaulted to ON.

- Added the scr_hob_timelimit CVAR in, this now controls how long a map will run before changing to the next map. Default is 30 minutes.

- Added the CVAR scr_hob_nadeshock. This controls whether players can get shellshock from grenades.

- Added the CVAR scr_hob_bulletshock. This controls whether players can get shellshock from bullet-hits.

- Added the CVAR scr_hob_weaponpickup. This controls weapons dropping when players die. 1 is default, 0 means no weapons will be dropped.

- Added the CVAR scr_hob_autobalanceteams. This controls whether a player can join their chosen team depending on if the teams are uneven or not. 0 is default, 1 will turn the checking on.

V0.31 Changes:


- An issue with the HUD showing the wrong flag possesion now corrected

- A problem preventing class limits from working has been fixed and class limits are now fully functional

- "Allies Captured..." when Axis capture an objective now says proper team

- An issue with the map being captured when one team still had an objective has been fixed

- An issue with the Capture Presence Indicator always being full has been fixed

- An issue with the HUD flags blacking out for an entire map has been fixed

- G43 run speed has been fixed to the proper value

- G43 now has bullet spread

- G43 iron sight zoom lowered

- All weapons now do proper damage thanks to incoporation of newest weapon files

- New weapons show third person muzzleflashes

- Map exploits

- Server can now run Pure (SV_Pure 1)


- New weapons: M3A1 Greasegun, SVT40, Sten Mk.V

- Three new maps: Grand Central, Occupied, and Railspike v2

- Second Coming now has five objectives and protected spawns

- Team scoring system now implemented (25 team points for a capture of an objective, 15 team points every 3 minutes you hold an objective, and 100 team points for a full capture)

- Grenades now do more damage, larger damage radius

- Grenade throw distance is shorter

- New shellshock sound from grenades, buttsmacks, and death

- You now slowdown and feel shock for a very brief amount of time when shot

- You can no longer trip or shoot the weapons out of the hands of your own team

- Weapon select menu now displays class limits and how many of each class is currently on your team

- Bolt action rifles (K98, Enfield, Mosin Nagant,and Sniper rifles) now do greater damage

- Iron sight sway has been added to all rifle based weapons -- sway is reduced by crouching or going prone

- Objectives can now be captured without having to be touching the ground

- Crosshairs have been removed

- Pistols now reduced to only three clips (one in gun, two spare), Snipers carry six

- Pistols and grenades now have the same runspeed as the gun you're carrying

- New menus with new graphics

- Ricochet sound now plays when weapon gets shot out of your hand

- New bullet hit blood puff effect (Special thanks to ChrisP of Merciless Mod for help and testing)

- All run speeds slightly lowered

- Proper nationalities now show up in the HUD and Compass icons instead of just American

- Toggleable kill scoring (Lets an admin toggle their server so you only get points for capping objectives)

- Dropped weapons only drop with 3 clips in them

- All guns now have maximum ammo counts

- Post-round stats (Objectives captured, kills, deaths, damage dealt, damage taken, accuracy, etc.)

- Current sniper reticule removed, replaced with default CoD scope for now

- New HUD, Compass, Health, and Ammo icons

- New overview maps, and loading screens that now show objectives

- New Weapons sounds for most stock CoD weapons


-New Main Menu

-HoB GameType (Capture and Hold)

-Cookable Grenades

-New Sniper Reticle (Translucent BG)

-New Weapon Skins: Totally reworked

-New Player Skins: Totally reworked

-Bomb & Capture Objectives

-Multi-Person Caps

-Wave Respawn

-Weapon Limitation - Percentage based

-Capture Balancing - Servers with few players automatically set their capture requirements lower for playability.

-Spawn Protection

-New HuD: Cap Progress Bar, Zone Presence Indicator, Team Support Indicator

-Flag Capture Announcement

-Objective HuD Ordering

-New 2D Hud Graphics

-New 2D Compass Graphics

-DeathMessage (obituary) toggle

-Map Overlays Added for all maps

-Team Location Announcement: Say_Team tells teamates your location on the map.

-Weapon Drop when shot in hands

-Player Falls when shot in foot - (Thanks BOCO!)

-G43 Weapon Added

-Toggles for all new features.

-Shellshock on Melee hits to the head and high damage grenades.


Fix - Compatibility fix for CoD v1.2 release


Fix: Server not changing map at score limit, round limit, time limit.

Fix: Make sure allied/axis win text and message show up/play.

Fix: Flags being capped after round end by other team.

Fix: Repeated "XXXX Joined YYYY Team" when players change guns.

Fix: Capping sensitivity Bug.

Add: Round end Invincibility to stop Post-round gunfire.


Map Balance altered.

Graveyard and Railroad areas added for Dawnville.

Interiors added for two buldings and spawns reworked on Village.

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