River Raider 2003 Demo

An impressive shooter that rocks! An enhanced version of old...

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River Raider 2003 Demo

An impressive shooter that rocks! An enhanced version of old classic, River Raid

River Raider 2003 ***** is an impressive shooter that rocks! Overview*****: The legend is back in action. This is a freshly enhanced version of the old arcade classic, River Raid. You probably remember the old version which was a world wide sensation! Created by Carol Shaw, the primary female home game designer, Improved by Activision, it was the first ever vertically scrolling game ever. The idea is to fly a plane up through different selected courses, eliminating all the enemies you encounter along the way. Try and avoid hitting the canyon walls otherwise you will blow up! You try to wipe out bridges which are significant to the enemy. The river is heavily guarded, as they struggle to stop you. It does get challenging as you progress, which adds up to the excitement. New Features Include: *****7 massive levels ***** Top-Down 3D View *****Trendy Sound *****Electrifying Game play ***** Cool animation and modern graphics *****Highly Appealing Interface. With lively graphics and groovy game-play, HandyMasters has produced a champ.

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