Demolition Racer

Incredible 3D driving experience from Pitbull Syndicate, the

  • Category Racing
  • Size 40 MB
  • Program by Pitbull Syndicate

Demolition Racer

Incredible 3D driving experience from Pitbull Syndicate, the development team behind the best selling driving games Test Drive 4 & 5. Features a greatly enhanced physics model giving spot on control, the ability to drive and control the car on two wheels, and the wildest driving action available.

CARNAGE: Cars take damage, visibly and with performance degradation: hoods, tires, and other bits fly freely during gameplay. Large car parts and fully damaged cars remain on the road as obstacles.

16 CARS IN EVERY RACE: Ensures insane smash 'em up action.

10 WILD TRACKS AND 3 DERBY BOWLS: All designed with the goal of making the wildest racing situations happen in gameplay: huge jumps, figure 8's and more.

SPLIT SCREEN RACING: Two players will be able to compete head-to-head in split screen races and bowl matches with up to 16 cars on the track.

BRANCHING ROADS: Alternate pathways and shortcuts to discover.


-Demolition Racing-your only goal is to stay alive AND inflict as much damage as possible on your opponents scoring points for spinning cars out, inflicting damage and destroying them all together.

-Bowl Match- 16 cars square off in a 'last man standing' festival of destruction.

-Suicide Racing- play in demolition derby bowl, first player to destroy his car wins!

-Career Mode- More than 10 different leagues, earn cash to buy new vehicles and enter more advanced leagues. Non-linear league setup dependant on vehicle ownership.

Stock Car Racing- Standard racing where winning is the goal, not destruction.

-Chicken Mode - Race in the opposite direction from the other racers on the same track. You're racing against the clock. Damage doesn't count, but 15 cars are coming at you.


Build up a garage of demolition machines by purchasing new vehicles from your race winnings.


Particle effects, smoke, flames, auto parts flying through the air.


Featuring original music by Fear Factory & Empirion created for Demolition Racer. Additional sound and music by Tommy Tallarico Studios.

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