Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Object Placement Fix v1.1

Fixes many objects throughout the Oblivion world which were...

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Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Object Placement Fix v1.1

Fixes many objects throughout the Oblivion world which were floating, misplaced, poorly angled, or otherwise not set right.

PLEASE NOTE: This does NOT fix the problem of Physics Objects that float above plates and tables and the ground, that is a problem with Bethesda's meshes and until they give us modelling tools it remains an unfixable problem.

Full list :


_Toadstool Hollow Doubleback - fixed floating chests

_Sinkhole Cave - Mushrooms growing through a barrel were moved to the side, moved the rat spawn points so they (hopefully) won't instantly set off the trap

_Dzonet Cave Ext - fixed some apples floating meaninglessly in the water, also noticed that almost every object in the cell was duplicated, so I deleted one of each (I may also have moved a bottle or two)

_Weartherleah - fixed a floating spoon

_N. of Brindle Home - rotated some plants that were sticking straight out of a steep cliff (looked out of place)

_Near Fort Urasek - fixed a boat that was floating a bit (above ground, not in water :p )

_Fort Urasek - fixed a small crate that was floating at a weird angle

_Cheydinhal's Overhang Stables - altered the food bag positions, moved a bush that had one little leafy bit going through the wall, and added ownership to the sacks (same owner as the bedroll)

_Cheydin Black Stables - moved a chair that was going in the wall, and a bottle stuck on the chairs collosion in an odd way

_Newlands Lodge - had all the fruit manually set to plates except for one, so i "f"'ed them down to the plate. (they pop up if you touch them, but it looks better for the moment)

_QuickWater Cave - floating crates

_QuickWater Ext - Bergamont growing through a rock was moved

_Downhill of Harlum's - lowered many Bergamonts that seemed to be floating

_Carbe's Camp - Begamont in rock


****v1.1 (****

_Some bergamonts west of quickwater

_Many plants near Desolate mine

_Fort Horunn - Fixed some motherworts that were growing inside some rocks >.>

_Elenylynn - Fixed a TON of floating/half in building/inside rocks plants. deleted some, moved others


If you find something floating while using my mod, email me at [email protected] with what it is, and where it is **if it's a generic wilderness cell, try to give me an idea "south of Bruma and nw of so-and-so shrine, near a bandit spawn"**

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