Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - BTmod v2.20

This is a modification for Oblivion that improves many...

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  • Size 231 KB
  • Program by Beider & Tikigod

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - BTmod v2.20

This is a modification for Oblivion that improves many aspects of the game UI including inventory, magic, repair and much much more. Take a look below for more specifics.

Improves many aspects of the stock Oblivion UI:

• Increase the amount of the Inventory, Magic, Container(Looting), Repair and Alchemy Ingredients listings to 12 or higher *

• Increased area to view Local and World Maps

• Increased area to view Quests and Journal

• Increased area to view Skills, Factions and Accomplishments

• Added percentage display to HP/MP/FA display †

• Added Durability status under the Weapon Icon on the Main Hud †

• Enabled and cleaned up Spell Effect durtation timers †

• During Custom Class Creation, increased the size of the enterable name

• Mapped Arrow Keys to various Menu buttons ‡

Support for removing Marker/POI icons from the Compass and Local/World Maps

• 3 ESP files to control MarkersPOI icons on the Compass

• Map Config entry to control the Quest Marker on Local/World Maps

Configuration files to tailor the UI to your personal tastes

• Each Menu has it's own file(s) to control layout of icons, windows, graphics and more

• Future releases can use your previously altered Config files to keep your settings

* The amount of items able to fit on screen could depend on setup of alternate fonts

† These items can be toggled on and off with the Config Files


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