Chaos UT2: Evolution v1.02 [UMOD]

ChaosUT2 brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2003,

  • Category First Person
  • Size 40.4 MB
  • Program by Chaotic Dreams

Chaos UT2: Evolution v1.02 [UMOD]

ChaosUT2 brings an entirely new feel to the game of UT2003, but does so without removing anything from the original game.

Version 1.02

* Changed Version number - [Jb]

* Added in spa's tweak to help fix the Laser Dot issue on some video cards - [Jb]

* Twaked the Proxy AI a bit so the dont attack dead people as much - [Jb]

* Tweaked Proxies to stop moving and blow up at the EOG (End Of Game) - [Jb]

* Proxies work like Epic's projecile when fired into a Killz zone - [Jb]

* Proxies now expoded when they get in a Killz Zone - [Jb]

* Proxies now arm a bit faster - [Jb]

* Masive tweaks to the CUT weapons to allow their fire animations to finnish and a down animation to start when the weapon runs out of ammo and has to switch - [Jb]

* Tweaked arrow trails to be more visible online (hopefully) - [Gasman]

* Added in option to not display CUT news tab, note this is not a GUI availbe option so they have to edit their ChaosUT.ini - [Jb]

* Added in AWO info to CUT Sniper and CUTRL - [Jb]

* Added in an option to draw xhairs when in laser sighted modes - [Jb]

* CUT Server Browser now prefilters to only list games running CUT2 mut if its a standard gametype - [Jb]

* All stock gametypes now have their own tab, and if you have bonus pack, you get those tabs as well - [JeT]

* Removed all those stock / bonus gametypes from the custom tab, and renamed it back to 'Custom Games' - [JeT]

* Tweaked arrows/ripper to aling better in bodies - [Jb]

* Fixed issue with team games and removing team players heads with arrows - [Jb]

* Fixed KoTH Combo Issue - [Jb]

* Fixed issue with the DummyVortex proj remining if users was killed while firing the vortex - [Jb]

* Moved all Koth Info into ChaosGames package - [Jb]

* Fixed after death frag in Poison arrows - [Gasman]

* Fixed issue of Specator bug in on-line games (it display a message to let the user correct for it) - [Jb]

* Added a kinder way of resetting the grapple when its in a killz zone - [Jb]

* Added a placeable xloc as per Deus request - [Jb]

* Change the names of the main koth files to fix the issue with them not showing up on line - [Jb]

* Tweaked CUT server broswer to reflect new Koth names - [Jb]

* Modified INT to reflect new koth names - [Jb]

* fixed spelling errors in Translocatorpickup - [Gasman]

* Resized gravbelt pickup to a smaller size - [Gasman]

* Fixed extra jump bug on last jump - [Gasman]

* Fixed issue were in team koth it was ignoring team starts - [Jb]

* Fixed issues where bots whould stay ontop of Hillpoints and not move around the hill a bit - [Jb]

* Fixed issues where the ArmorshardPickup had its DetourWeight set too high which caused bots to always detour and pick it up in Koth Games - [Jb]

* Added hidden Var in ChaosUT to all a work around for Mac users to prevent fire texture crash - [Jb]

* Changed ChaosTex_003 thanks to spa to avoid crashes on MACs

* Added in an array UseableAmmoTypes that will hold the ammo types for our weapons (may need this for the arena mut) - [Jb]

* Fixed issue with zoom sounds on sniper - [Jb]

* Added KoTH bot tweak - [Jb]

* Fixed sniper shell casing sounds so you can hear them - [Gasman]

* Moved info found in ChaosUT.ini into the UT2003.ini - [Jb]

* Added neck spurts for reg arrow head shots kills - [Jb]

* Fixed bug were Gravbelt and heartbeats played on same channel - [Jb]

* Fixed bug were CUTRL lost the AWO info - [Jb]

* Fixed bug were player names were not drawn in Laser guided mode when using the CUTRL - [Jb]

* Reworded become spectator/player info when joining as a spectator -

* Possible tweak to help prevent loss of xhairs on Sniper/CUTRL - [Jb]

* Many AN fixes - [Gasman]

* Roled back to vortex 1.01 code - [Jb]

* Fixed ANs with multi-ammo pickups - [Jb]

* Fixed issues with RPB, Exp/Fire Xbows and Naplam/flash grenades not spawning on Xweapon actors - [Jb]

* Added back in Post vortx 1.01 code

* Fixed ANs in process touch of Poison/Naplm nades

* code complet for PR 1.02 - [Jb]

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