Celestia v1.2.0 Demo (Win 9x/ME/2k/XP/NT4)

Celestia is a real-time visual simulation of space in our...

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Celestia v1.2.0 Demo (Win 9x/ME/2k/XP/NT4)

Celestia is a real-time visual simulation of space in our local region of the universe. Choose a point within about 1000 light years of Earth, and Celestia will show you an approximation of how it would appear to your eyes were you actually there. Some of what Celestia shows is necessarily hypothetical--the farther away from Earth you get, the less real data there is and the more guesswork is involved. Thus Celestia supplements observational data with good guesses based on models of stellar and planetary processes.


* Fixed problem with image capture function that saved skewed images for some

windows widths.

* Changed field of view display to use minutes and seconds

* Fixed display of time scale when time is reversed

* Fixed jittering labels for stars distant from the sun

* Fixed depth ordering problem that caused satellites to appear in front of

the horizon when viewed from the surface of Earth

* Made the correct hemisphere of the Moon face Earth

* Fixed Earth's rotation so that sunrise and sunset times are correct

* Fixed picking so that clicking on a distant planet will never select one of

its satellites.

* Improved orbit calculation code to properly compute eccentric anomaly

* Render orbit outlines behind planets instead of in front of them

* Made it possible for clouds to move relative to the ground

* Eliminated star haloes that were visible in daylight

* Added Uranus's ring system

* Added Shrox's Mars Global Surveyor and Mars Odyssey models

* Windows: save rendering and label settings

* Windows: added movie capture feature

* Windows: fixed disappearing mouse cursor bug

* Windows: added slider for controlling number of stars displayed by

star browser.

* Windows: vastly improved full screen support

* Windows: fixed non-functioning Fewer Stars menu option

* Unix: fixed problems with '--enable-debug' under automake (dramsey)

* Unix: Enhanced autoconfigure to enable automated distribution build, as well

as building the buildstardb program used to create stars.dat (dramsey)

* Unix: Fixed Problem with --enable-debug=no acting as if --enable-debug=yes

had been given. (dramsey)

* Unix: Changed --enable-gtk into --with-gtk, and made it automatic if Gtk+ and

GtkGLArea is present. (dramsey)

* Unix: Inserted testing code for GtkGLArea into (dramsey)

* Unix: Integrated a current gnome macros package. (dramsey)

* Removed many errors and compiler warnings (dramsey)

* Label Galaxies option. (dramsey)

* Unix Gtk : Added several menu options already present in the windows version.


* Unix Gtk : Fixed problem where giving keyboard commands wasn't updating

the toggle menu gadgets. (dramsey)

* Unix : Handle timezones correctly. (dramsey)

* Fixed constellation typo: Cyngi -> Cygni

* Much better Data analysis and Correction for the buildstardb program

leading to better data in stars.dat . Verbosity of the buildstardb program

may now be controlled by commandline argument. (dramsey)

* Improved solar system catalog file format so it's easier to install add-ons

* Scan extras directory for solar system catalog files

* Fixed pixel shader rendering path so it uses star light color

* Added support for textures in 3DS models

* Fixed locations menu

* Improved locations menu so that position and frame of reference are saved

and restored.

* Fixed broken script commands: setposition, setorientation, and move

* Display the names of tracked and followed objects

* Windows: replaced proliferating render and label options in menu with

a single modeless dialog.

* Fixed period and rotation of Phoebe

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