Mi ESF Bot

With this you can play ESF offline...

Mi ESF Bot

With this you can play ESF offline. These bots can replace human opponents.

Bots can find their enemys whith waypoints

Bots use some simple teleport combos

Bots avoid db's to avoid some crashes

Redid menu, looks better now, more options and with percent and skill you can select default and random values

Bots can see attacks so they better react on them

Autopilots: with this a bot will take over the host(experimental)

Super bots: bots who can cheat, there are 3 different types. They start with higher pl, they regain or have unlimited ki, also they can regain health

skill has more effect on bots

bots dont swoop always straight so they can surprise their enemys

when an enemy of a bot is very close and the bot is charging an attack, the bot will beamjump at their enemy

bots remeber enemys

bots should strafe to avoid walls and team mates

better unwaypointed navagation

better 'danger reaction'

new console command: command to let a bot execute a console command, commands to enable/disable the use of combos and destrcuto discs

hopefully fixed a bug where bots powerup when they didn't need to.

new bot names

new chat messages

new welcome message

bots react with retreating and random teleporting when their blinded by a solar flare

bots should better react on close enemys

most console commands should now work for dedicated servers aswell

buu bots recover hp

better enemy selection

higher skilled bots should avoid attacks when they swoop

better teleporting

taunt messages work now

bots can now have spaces in their name

more chance that bot uses a special beam cannon or kiblasts

Very nice manual made by eekhoorn

bots recover when their hit by melee

Top 3 Mi ESF Bot Alternatives

ESF Bots 1.1

These are bots for ESF, please read the included...

ESF Bot 3.1

A version of the ESF bot that works with Steam...

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