Aion - The Tower Of Eternity Original Sound Track Music

This is the The Tower Of Eternity Original Musical...

Aion - The Tower Of Eternity Original Sound Track Music

This is the The Tower Of Eternity Original Musical Soundtrack for the game Aion.

Aion ~The Tower Of Eternity~ Original Sound Track


Release Date Oct 21, 2008

Release Type Official Release

Media Format CD

Classification Original Soundtrack

Published by Endorf Music, Pony Canyon Korea

Composed by Bang-Ean Yang (Kunihiko Ryo)

Arranged by Bang-Ean Yang (Kunihiko Ryo), Hijiri Kuwano

Performed by Yozoh, Origa, Jia Pengfang, London Symphony Orchestra



Disc 1:

01 A Fairy of The Peace

02 Arabesque

03 Attack The Unsion

04 Battle Ring

05 Blue Forest

06 Darkness In Your Heart

07 Death Waltz

08 Deva's Oratorio

09 Dream Of The Shepherd

10 Flying Dragon

11 Forgotten Sorrow (English Version)

12 Forgotten Sorrow (Korean Version)

13 Fortress Of Gods

14 Glory Of Ariel

15 Gods Of The Plague

16 Heaven's Gate

17 Invader

18 Kingdom Of Light

19 Magma & Beast

20 Raging Strings

21 Red Land

22 Sad World...

23 Sea Of Dream

24 Sea Of Memory

25 Solid State Battle

26 Song Of Moonlight

27 Step To The Next World

28 The Roars Of A Warrior

29 The Tower Of Eternity

30 The Tower Of Light

31 The Wings Of Knight

32 Voices From The Ruins

33 Wailing Wall

Disc length 75:47



Yang Bang Ean (Ryo Kunihiko)

All Music Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration, Recording(Except*), Mixing

Acoustic Piano, All Keyboards, Accordion, Irish Harp, All Programming & Sound Treatment

London Symphony Orchestra on 2,3,4,6,7,8

Conducted by Nick Ingman

Recorded by Mike Trever Ross(*)

Recorded at Abbey Road Studio 1(London*)

Co-ordinated by Joey O'keeffe

Kuwano Hijiri Strings on 1,12,19,21

Recorded by Kuraishi Yuji(*)

Recorded at Hitokuchizaka Studio 1(Tokyo*)

Assisted by Fujiwara Tetsuro

Co-ordinated by Yoko Takashi (Face Music)

Kuwano Hijiri Strings Arrangement & Orchestra Scoring on 1,2,3,4,6,8,10,12,19,21,22

Origa Voice on 2,5, Voice Arrangement on 5

Jia Pengfang Erfu on 9,20

Yasui Takashi Whistle on 16

'Forgotten Sorrow'

Composed Arranged sound produced by Yang Bang Ean

Lyric by Kyung Won Choi

Sung by Yozoh (Pastel Music)

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