Fallout 3 - Sharing and Caring Companions Mod

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Fallout 3 - Sharing and Caring Companions Mod



to allow this modification to function, please download FOSE


The SCC master file allows you to easily recruit any NPC you can open dialogue with. Recruited companions will follow, sneak and fight alongside you. Sharing and Caring Companions also allows you to trade with your friends and give them simple orders like 'wait' and 'dismiss'.

1)Extract the included 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' to your Fallout 3/data directory.

2)Check the box next to 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' in FOMM.

3)Load the 'Sharing and Caring Companions.esm' AFTER the Fallout3.esm in your FOMM load-order.

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