Counter-Strike: Source - Hostage Rescue Map

CS Terminal 7...

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  • Program by The Smokster (AKA Steve Kelly

Counter-Strike: Source - Hostage Rescue Map

CS Terminal 7

Rescue the Hostages!!

An International Airport has been overrun by a Terrorist group who have taken hold of Terminal 7.

Intelligence report the hostages are being kept in the baggage handling section.

Plans show several access points to baggage section:

main access via lounge, back route via delivery/maintenance shutters and vent access.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

CT: Locate and Rescue Hostages

T: Prevent CT from rescuing Hostages


Revision D



By Steve Kelly

AKA The Smokster


My first attempt at mapping, feed back from trials has been good.Hope you all enjoy it

Email me any comments

Hey up peeps :)

Revision D of CS Terminal 7


Extract these three files "cs_terminal7.bsp" "cs_terminal7.nav" & "cs_terminal7.txt" to your map directory.


E.G. C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\YOURUSERNAME\counter-strike source\cstrike\maps


Should have all the custom textures included in the map :)

Nav file is for hostage, but they are thick as sh.... still haven't tuned this yet or is that Valve haven't tuned it yet?


By all means let me know any bugs/suggestions/comments/feedback via forum or via mail ([email protected])



Removed security camera and monitor as it was found to be causing problems with frame rate

Added "about" room - see information on designer and map etc...


Even more brush work added - mainly hostage rescue areas

Made outside runway larger to add effect

Few tweaks


Changed skybox texture and environmental lighting

Added more detail outside lounge waiting area (mainly semi-runway)

Added more props

Revised navigation for hostages

Added some ragdolls for detail

REVISION A - Under New Name - CS Terminal 7

Major revamp of lounge area to help with frame rates etc...

Numerous brush work in other areas (tweaking)

Added more decals

More lights as requested by community

Added outside view to both hostage rescue zones - similating fire escapes (adding to realism)

Removed horse statue - didn't really fit - i was kidding myself!!


Optimzed some brush work

Added some more props

Re-worked lounge and large passageway areas (alot)

Added some ambient sounds

Added working rotating security camera (maaan was that hard!!)

Added working conveyor belt (hostage location)

Made env_lighting brighter

New textures in cargo/luggage handling room

Added more decals



Tided some brush work

Moved CT Spawn to more efficient position to better gameplay

Moved Hostage Rescue Zone for better gameplay

Added pillars to main lounge area

Added working shutter doors buttons (outside middle section)

Boxed T Spawn and added sliding door

New layout for Hostage room

Added vent access to Hostage room

New textures added (and embedded)

Added some more props

Revision D


Added more props (mainly in waiting lounge and bar on second floor)

Replaced missing light textures

Added clipping planes to middle outside section

Added some more decals middle outside section (around rubbish areas)

Removed some "not needed" props

Made bottom of window frames func_illusionary (easier to get through)

Added some more decals

Revision C


Expanded playing area to include middle outside section

Added alot more props

Added more detail (door ways, bar, dutyfree shop, shutters and frames)

Added custom textures (embedded into map using bspzip)

Tested map play

Revision B


Main playing area done and textured

Added some detail

Revision A


Main layout planned

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