OpenSP Mod

This mod for Freelancer removes the story mode and makes...

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OpenSP Mod

This mod for Freelancer removes the story mode and makes Single Player just like Multi Player. You must have Freelancer Mod Manager installed.

OpenSP MOD v1.1


Xerx at [email protected] 4-7-2003


This version opens all jumpgates and removes story line missions and levels normally sequencial according to data in ptough.ini table just like in normal MP play but in SP mode with no Net connect required. Open sandbox SP mode game play; think Elite/Privateer 1.

This version fixes some buglets from origianl version 1.0 (such as ship reset to Starflier at level 18 the normal end game). Also eliminates level skipping behavior where a mission would have been. No more Level Skipping! Next level up money required can now be altered in ptough.ini.

This version uses only two files. M13.ini (to start player) and a hacked file version of Content.dll which is normally hard coded but I figured out how to decompile it; I changed hardcode to alter behavior!

I can not wait to decompile EXE which is a bit harder to do....

Install M13.ini in folder Freelance\Data\Mission\M13 replace origianl; and place the hacked Content.dll into the folder Freelancer\DLLs\Bin replacing original content.dll; make sure you back them two files up!

You will see data for amount to level up and next worth displayed that is not shown in normal MP because it can be confusing; they just removed it. Remember what is shown is how much more you need before a level up will occur; not net worth (and you net worth is actually calculated immediately when you buy items at the most highest sale price even though you have not gone there! FL just removed the display to hide this cosmetic display buglet so not to confuse, it just takes alot more money to level up as in MP).


Only small buglet in this version is when you re-load a save game, it will show for level rquirement a mission; that is just cosmetic and will clear as soon as you buy, trade, or earn some money then it will show normally. That is FL original display buglet that they solved by just not showing you the data and is removed from display in normal MP.

Please start a new game! I can guarantee old save games will NOT work proper since I am using a new content.dll! Try old save games the story line will kick back in; the game looks at your level stored with savegame and will initiate a mission apropriate for you. Later version of hack content.dll will allow old save games to work where you left off, and more content added.

Project in works to a large Elite style gameplay. Have patience, they had 5 years; I only had 2 months to get it right the way we WANT it should have been. Any problems e-mail me; Happy Freelancing! Xerx

*scripted and converted to FLMM by unluckytab ([email protected])

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