Civilization III : Flavors of Civilization - Mod V.1.0

This is the Flavors of Civilization Mod V.1.0 for the game...

  • Category Turn-Based
  • Size 153.3 MB
  • Program by iron0037

Civilization III : Flavors of Civilization - Mod V.1.0

This is the Flavors of Civilization Mod V.1.0 for the game Civilization III.

Welcome to Flavors of Civilization! The goal of this mod is to enrich the epic game experience by providing flavor units to all civilizations. At the same, I couldn't resist some minor rule changes for overall gameplay enhancement. For a complete list of changes, see the README. Designed by iron0037 with contributions and inspiration from the Civfanatics community. You guys are the best! Special thanks goes to Sandris for his relentless unit creation. I couldn't have made this mod without him.

TITLE: Flavors of Civilization


SIZE: 153 MB (compressed)

RELEASED: 20 Dec 2008

AUTHOR: iron0037

What's New:

- 150 flavor units!

- 14 Brythonic/English units

- 11 Gallic/French units

- 8 Germanic units

- 7 Norse units

- 11 Iberian/Spanish units

- 8 Roman units

- 4 Carthaginian units

- 13 Slavic/Russian units

- 12 Middle Eastern units

- 9 Egyptian units

- 9 African units

- 6 Indian units

- 12 Asian units

- 2 Thai units

- 8 Mongol units

- 5 North American units

- 6 Mesoamerican units

- 25 units with dual-era graphics

- and many more!

- 6 new civilizations

- Sioux (replaces Iroqouis)

- Canada (replaces Celts)

- Brazil (replaces Portugal)

- Australia (replaces Byzantines)

- Siam (replaces Sumeria)

- Mali (replaces Hittites)

- New French and Spanish Leaderheads

- Fusilier and Grenadier units

- Constitutional Monarchy government

Primary Gameplay Modifications:

- Overhaul of governments

- Faster ships

- Ancient ships slowed in ocean

- Slower road/rail construction

- Revised civilization traits

- Unique Units tweaked

- Settlers and Workers do not require support

- Settlers cost 3 population

- City growth caps at 5/10 instead of 6/12

- Ancient Cavalry open to all with Monarchy

- Bombers require Advanced Flight and do not have land lethal bombard

- Modern Age units rebalanced

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