WS-FTP Pro 8.0

With WS_FTP Pro you can quickly and easily manage, upload,...

  • Category FTP Clients
  • Size 4.2 MB
  • Program by Ipswitch, Inc.

WS-FTP Pro 8.0

With WS_FTP Pro you can quickly and easily manage, upload, and update websites from your home or business. It's the perfect tool for accessing remote files and the fastest way to download digital music and software.

Easier Image Transfers:

Thumbnail support in WS_FTP Pro's Classic and Explorer interface makes it easier for you to identify, edit, and share image files.

Powerful Time-Savers:

Active Edit makes it possible for you to edit files on ftp sites using your favorite software. It enables you to associate an application with a file type. For example: .HTML files associated with Microsoft® FrontPage; .JPG,.GIF, .BMP, associated with Adobe® Photoshop when selected; etc. With Active Edit, you'll no longer need to constantly re-upload files every time there is an edit made.

HotDrop allows you to transfer files or folders with or without launching WS_FTP Pro. Simply drag and drop files into the HotDrop folder and it connects, authenticates, and makes the file transfer to the FTP server and folder you specify.

Auto Reconnect automatically remembers your client and server settings and reloads them the next time you start WS_FTP Pro. With ease, you can now connect to your most recently visited FTP Site, open the folder most recently used, retain the most recent view, and authenticate.

Security Enhancements:

Firewall/Network Address Translation (NAT) Support enhances performance and protects your data when running behind firewalls and NAT devices. You can configure an IP address and port range when using PORT command over SSL. What's more WS_FTP Pro 8.0 now includes SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 Proxy Support.

SSL, SSH, Socks, Compression

Implicit SSL Support (Port 990)

Manage multiple client SSL certificates

Security configuration capabilities for selecting encryption algorithm, MAC algorithm, and compression used by SSH,

ASCII transfer over SSH/SFTP Transfer

Specify a port range for incoming data connections and the external IP address for the client

Import PKCS#12 (.pfx/.p12) and PKCS#7 (.spc/.p7b) certificate formats.

Easily manage multiple client certificates

Program Options interface has added a configuration page for SSH. This page allows you to configure the order of allow Ciphers & MACs, and whether you want to use ZLIB compression.

Greater Customization

Configure the appearance of the command bar's buttons and the order in which they appear

Customize the layout of the list panes to show Thumbnails

Timestamps have been added to the logs which makes it possible for you to now view the logs in chronological order.

Improved Navigation

URL Parsing - Parses username/password/port/connection type from a fully qualified URL when you type, paste, or drop it into the Address Bar

Easier access to local and mapped drives, and special Windows® folders, including: Desktop, My Documents, My Pictures

Transfer Manager can now be docked to any of the four sides of the main application window.

Debug logging allows you to display debugging information in the log for operations performed by the application.

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