IL-2 Sturmovik Demo v2.0

Version 2.0 of IL-2: Sturmovik! Fly the skies, fighting for...

IL-2 Sturmovik Demo v2.0

Version 2.0 of IL-2: Sturmovik! Fly the skies, fighting for Mother Russia in the IL-2 "Sturmovik" ground attack aircraft, up against the German invasion. This new demo includes some nice additions that you can read about in the additional information section.

IL-2 Sturmovik gives players the experience of intense aerial combat over Germany and Russia during WWII, challenging them to pilot realistic period aircraft modeled with pinpoint precision. Soaring through deadly realistic 3D landscapes, pilots can engage in numerous action-packed single-play missions involving air-to-air, air-to-ground, search & destroy and escort missions. In addition, IL-2 allows 32 human opponents to join multiplayer missions online or via LAN to engage in what GameSpot promises “could turn out to be the best-looking World War II flight sim to date.”

General features of the demo version :

Six flyable types of planes

IL-2M (later series) - Russian ground attack

Yak-9T - Russian fighter

LA-5FN - Russian fighter

P-39N-1 Airacobra - American-made Soviet fighter (most popular of all WWII lend lease planes in USSR)

Bf-109G-2 - German fighter

FW-190A-5 - German fighter

2. AI actors

Russian aircraft: IL-2T (torpedo bomber), LaGG-3 (fighter), MBR-2 AM-34 (maritime reconnaissance), Pe-2 (dive bomber), U-2VS (light bomber).

Russian ground units: T-34, T-34-85, IS-2, SU-76M, SU-85, GAZ-67, Willis MB, ZIS-5 truck, ZIS-5 radio, ZIS-5 AA, ZIS-5 medical, ZIS-6 fuel supplier, US-6 Studebecker truck, Studebecker rocket launcher, "Katyusha" rocket launcher, 25 mm AA, 85 mm AA cannon, 76 mm ZIS-3, 152 mm ML-20, Torpedo boat G-5, BBK-1/T-34-76 turrets, Destroyer type 7, Minesweeper.

German aircraft: Fi-156 Storch (reconnaissance, liaison), Ju-52/3mg7e (transport, light bomber).

German ground units: Panzer IIF, Panzer IIIM, Panzer IIIN, Panzer IVF, Panzer IVF2, Panzer V, Panzer VIE, Panzer VIB, Hetzer, StuG III, Kuebelwagen, Opel Kadett, BMW bike, Opel Blitz 3,6-36S, Opel Blitz 3,6-3700A, Opel Blitz 6700 medical, Opel Blitz fuel supplier, Opel Blitz radio car, RSO, Maultier halftrack, Maultier with AA connon, Maultier with rockets, Hanomag, Kattenkrad, 88mm AA Flak cannon 18, 20mm "Oerlikon" AA cannon, Torpedo boat S-80, "Amiral Murgesku", Submarine Type IIB.

Single Play:

* Crimea area map for single play (200x300km).

* Quick Mission Builder


* LAN/Online Dogfight for 4 players with ability to create own server.

* Special multiplayer maps.

NOTICE: Bellow, after the short manual, you can find the list of final release features

Recommended system requirements for DEMO v2.0

* Pentium III, 600 MHz or better.

* 256 MB RAM recommended

* Windows 98/ME/2000 compatible sound card with DirectX 8 drivers

* 32 MB 3D video card *, Windows 98 and 2000 compatible with OpenGl and DirectX 8 drivers (if you run the game in DirectX render mode).

* Recommended 3D cards:

- NVidia GeForce 256

- NVidia GeForce 2MX

- NVidia GeForce 2

- NVidia GeForce 2 Ultra

- NVidia GeForce 3

- NVidia Quadro

- NVidia Quadro 2 Pro

- 3DFX Voodoo 5

- ATI Radeon

We are sure the above 3D cards will have drivers available to support OpenGl and DirectX 8.


As more new 3D cards receive drivers compatible with OpenGl and DirectX 8 we will expand this recommended list.

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