Crysis Wars - EX Mod

The Crysis Wars EX mod changes several aspects of the...

Crysis Wars - EX Mod

The Crysis Wars EX mod changes several aspects of the original game, as well as adds brand-new features to it. The following list contains the most important changes; you can find the full list of features on our homepage.


* Fixed claymore behavior which has been reverted back to Crysis Wars 1.5.

* Fixed AY69 issues with silencer on third person

* Fixed HighPing performance-related issue; It now works on tick instead of on update, so it is called 1 time each second instead of 30 or more times. You should not get any major FPS drop like in EX 1.0 anymore.

* Fixed possible crash using z_allowWallJump

* Fixed error message when a loadout package is not localized

* Fixed claymore explosive carry limit to 1

* Plantation_EX: Tweaked some vegetation LODs for better visual appearance on low settings

* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with US barracks being frozen

* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with energy site decals being misplaced

* Plantation_EX: Fixed issue with spectator point being in a bad position

* Refinery_EX: Fixed missing rain particle

* Refinery_EX: Various particle tweaks


* FY-71 balancing adjustments


* HighPing feature now scans and waits 10 seconds before kicking a player

* HighPing threshold default value changed from 100 to 150

* Rename Nomad feature is no more case sensitive, it will kick "Nomad", "nomad" and "nOmAd" as well

* Removed intro videos on startup


* Added Czech localization

* Added Auto Update System v1, it will show a message when a new version is available, it does not allow players to play with an old version in multiplayer

* Added Special Loadout to buy ammo: BUYAMMO (case sensitive), writing z_loadoutBuy BUYAMMO, you get ammo for your current weapon

* Added z_buy command to buy weapons and/or vehicles

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