Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Draenlin's Hidden Abode

Draenlin was a swordsmith who got in over his head...

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Draenlin's Hidden Abode

Draenlin was a swordsmith who got in over his head. He got fed up and left his hidden cave dwelling for bigger and better things. Now that his home is vacant any adventurer looking for a place to stay can claim it...if they can find it(look to the end of this readme for the location). Inside this cave you will find a bed, a storage room, a display room, a living area and Draenlin's failures. You'll also find that Draenlin has decorated his home in an unusual manner. His journal explains mostly everything.

The "failures" are from my other mod: Lemunde's "I'll Cut You" Weapon Pack. They're decent weapons but you may find that there's better ones out there as you progress through the game.


Extact to your Oblivion\Data folder conserving the file structure.


Select the Draenlins Hidden Abode.esp under Data Files.

Known Issues:

Not tested with any AI but the path nodes are there and they look like they're supposed to. If anyone has any issues with this let me know.


Modders are encouraged to use any artwork from this collection as long as they credit me for my work. Retextures are also encouraged.

Fun facts:

Tools used include Maya 7.0, Adobe Photoshop CS, NifSkope, TES Construction Set

Readme stolen from Lemunde's "I'll Cut You" Weapon Pack.

Just south of Cheydenhal...

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