DOOM 3 - Marine Operations Mod v0.4

DOOM 3 - Marine Operations Mod v0.4

This modification for DOOM 3 removes gibbing as well as changing weapon settings and upgrading sounds now updated in version v0.4, see below for more details.

This is the readme included in the zip:


"Make love, not war"

Version: 0.4

This is partially a modification compilation and partially my own work. I think that many of you prefere the included mods but get annoyed at the inability to use all of them.


-Send your feedback to [email protected] And send feedback about the things from the included mods to the correct people.

-Read this entire readme before playing/bitching at me and/or others.

-Shout "get some", "eat it", "that's what you get for messing with Mrs. Green's mean machine", "fuck you spawn of satans tiny cock", and other such things at the dead mutha fucking demons you're wasting.

-Enlist in your county's military.

-E-mail me if you have problems with installation. Do not have any custom pak files in your base directory while you use this mod.

"If it feels good, do it!"


-Extract the folder marineoperations to your /doom3 directory.

-Select marineoperations from the mod list on the main menu GUI.

"Feelin' groovy"

Changes made by the included mods

-You now have a tactical flashlight attached to your assault rifle and shotgun. Please note that this is a tactical combat operations flashlight, and would be used while acquiring targets outside, and as such has a narrow beam designed for best visability over range.

-You now have better sound effects (note: not all the effects in the game are changed)

-Monsters will no longer 'vanish into thin air like some sort of fucked up weirdo thingy' as my friend puts it. They will stay dead, tumble over things as they fall, move when you continue to put more rounds into them, and block doors from closing (be careful with airlocks and things)

-You can select SP maps in MP although it most probably won't work.

-More gore.

-If you know how to spawn Maj.GHOB's sentry, you can do that also.

"Fuck you evil"

Changes I have made

-Weapons do more damage (well, most of them anyway)

-You get less ammo (to keep it balanced)

-Mag sizes changed. (7 rounds per clip for pistol, 6 shells down tube for shotgun, 99 rounds per magazine for assault rifle and a 200 round belt for the chaingun)

-'Fucked-up way he can load two shells in at once into that shorty combat shotgun' as my friend would put it, has been fixed, now he loads them in one at a time, like a good marine.

-You can press the grenade key again to switch back to your previous weapon (similar to the flashlight)

-You move slightly slower.

-An easter egg that you may find either disturbing, insulting, or an interesting e-mail.

"No nukes is good nukes!"

Changes since last version

-Fixed a bug with this, I overlooked it before.

-Ezekeall Kronkvist is now playtesting constantly

-Chaingun has a higher ROF

-Flashlight on shotgun

-Mass added to projectiles (bullets, shotshell fragments) to cause physical affect on entities (when you shoot something, it gets knocked back waaaay more)

-Shell casings stay, well, acutally they just stay longer than normal by upping the brass stay time (thanks Mike) fire a couple hundred rounds from the chaingun and check it out (doesn't work for buckshot shells yet)

-Grenades do a lot more damage, but you can only carry 10 max. the fuse has also been increased slightly and they will explode if shot.

-Other things I've forgotten.

Possible future changes

-Change robot sentry into marine.......... this is actually my number one priority but it's proving difficult. Having a full fireteam would be pretty awesome.

-Lower weapons damage a little, and (possibly) lower ammunition further. I've got to do more playtesting and get some feedback before I start to refine this mod.

-Raise hostiles (monsters, zombies) damage

-Add helmet to player model (have done work on this, should be implemented soon)

-Center weapons more.

-You can press the grenade key again to switch back to your previous weapon (I actually have implemented this, it's just not working, must be another variable somewhere.....)

-Grenades don't magically explode on contact with a target

"A soldier shoots the evil when negotiations fail, a hippy surrenders when negotiations fail, the hippies world gets destroyed by the evil....thing"

Thanks go to the following because I included their stuff: (e-mail me if you don't want your stuff in this)

Beefy Sounds v 1.7 by AJ ([email protected]) I have included his sounds.

Duct tape 0004 by Glen Murphy ([email protected]) I'm I used his flashlight for the assault rifle (machinegun) and the shorty shotgun

Sentry mod by Maj.GHOB (no e-mail) although I have included his sentry, I actually intend to turn the sentry into a marine you can spawn in and get to follow you once I figure it out, but even though it's in, I do not intend for the robot sentry to actually be used in this version, if you know how to use it then you can though, of course. And, once I actually get them to work, the muzzle flashes.

Ungibbable by Junkguy ([email protected]) his anti-gib mod is included. Too bad some demons still disintergrate after some time :(

Whoever made that coop mod thingy (coop.rar) (I don't know where I got it from) THIS DOESN'T WORK FOR EVERYONE. Infact, I doubt it works for anyone, it doesn't steal your CD-key, well, it hasn't stolen mine. My experience is that it just crashes the server when someone joins, and the other method of co-op I have tried had an incredible CPU hit on the client. (Tested on LAN)

Doom 3 Retail Gore Mod by *Nitro* Parasite & Zaturi ( I have included their gore mod (I'm almost certain it's done something but I tend not to notice gore)

"I fought for christian democracy,

now there's nothing but air where my balls used to be,

and now I'm a bloody hero."

Extra thanks

id (, for making the original doom, quakes 1 and 2 and doom 3, and also a few other games I may have forgotten were made by you.

Country Joe ( I've been listening pretty much to Joe's music only for the last couple weeks.

My friends in england, america, canadia, estonia and *shudder* holland, you know who you are but I won't embarress you, although you didn't do anything (with the exception of 4 people in england), I'd like to thank you.

Colt (, for manufacturing the AR-15 (M16) series weapons.

Doom3 Co-Op for PC team ( although you havn't released anything yet, I'm going to be a lot happier once your mod is released, if you're reading this, please release a beta once you have one map done, it may only be one, but it'll keep us hooked until we get more.

Other mods out there, for inspiration, and for being just so stupid. (Oh my god, this one mod was soooo fucking stupid, it.... well, I'll bore you another time)

"There is a place where a hundred corpses lay and rot,

every corpse is a patriot,

and every corpse is a hero."


-This thingy made by MarineJulio

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