• Category Arcade
  • Size 7.4 MB
  • Program by Steve Taylor

Plasma Pong Demo

This incredible freeware game is the best thing that's happened to a rectangular, computer-animated paddle since


. Leveraging a powerful simulation of fluid dynamics, it makes


interesting again. Your goal is, of course, to get the little pong ball past your opponent's paddle while not allowing it past yours. You do that by bouncing it off your paddle... and by blasting streams of fluidic plasma across the board. Hold the left mouse button to blow plasma toward your opponent. Hold the right button to create a plasma void and "suck up" the ball. Release the right button to blast the ball away. The graphics are incredible to look at, with colorful plasma swirling and billowing all around the board along with fantastic particle effects. You have control over more than a dozen aspects of the plasma's behavior through the options menu. You can play against the computer, another human, or jump into sandbox mode to play with the plasma.

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