Company of Heroes - Experience Company of Heroes: Normandy

This mod brings battlefield realism with improve gameplay...

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  • Program by ECOH Team

Company of Heroes - Experience Company of Heroes: Normandy

This mod brings battlefield realism with improve gameplay features like realistic vehicle speeds, improved infantry abilities, better gameplay balance and realism to all units.

Current changes for 1.0

-Gameplay Changes-

All armor on both sides have received new speed factors, they now reflect realistic

turning speeds and road speeds (as well as battle speeds)

Destroyed engine tanks no longer can move, they have to be repaired in the field. The only problem were

having here is that we cant get them so they arent allowed to rotate.

Infantry weapons now have increased ranges.

Production times decreased for bazooka's.

Axis officer no longer has artillery ability.

Small arms fire no longer damages halftracks, you now need something with more punch, like say a bazooka?

Decreased AT weapon accuracy vs INF.

Increased damage and accuracy on the co-axial machine guns on all tanks.

Tiger range slightly increased.

Pioneers have increased accuracy at close ranges.

AT weapon damage increased against all tanks, allied and axis.

Added SMG's to volks grens, added LMG back to gren's.

Axis 88 does more dmg to all tanks. And no longer is allowed to attack air (it was pretty useless, and

unrealistic.. the 88 could attack air, but it couldnt attack ground at the same time, as both required

different types of ammo). This also increases the usefullness of the ostwind as air defense unit, instead

of a infantry killer (dont worry, it still does that to).

All infantry now has an increase in resistence to suppression, and an increase in suppression recovery.

Airborne no longer has the fireup ability, to compensate, they have a greater ability to resist suppression

and recover from it faster.

All armor on both sides have now received weapon tweaks, what we went for is to make the damage that tanks

do to one another more realistic, w/o going full realism.

Artillery on both sides now goes through the use of radio men. This puts more strategy in the game for

when you use artillery, we also added different types of artillery barrages, so now its not just a

regular barrage, you now have small, medium, and large barrages.

Infantry on both sides have now recieved realistic fire rates. The garands shoot how they should, as

well as the carbine's.


New skins!!!! thats right, I said new skins!!!! All axis tanks have received a thorough reskin by our

excellent skinner blacklabel! All axis tanks now realistically reflect their ww2 normandy counterparts

and might I add, they look SEXAY!

Axis infantry have been reskinned by our excellent infantry skinner, favre. He has done an excellent job

getting them to reflect their real world counterparts. They also look very SEXAY!

All axis tanks now get a schurzen upgrade (except for the tiger and the puma), schurzen are sideskirts,

for those of you who dont know a little german.

AP Mines have been added to the axis side.

Smoke grenades added to both sides. as an upgrade.

Radio men for artillery use.

We would have alot more unit additions, but, the dang model importer hasnt released yet...

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