Half-Life 2 - Stargate : The Last Stand Full client v1.1

Stargate: The Last Stand is a modification for Half-Life 2...

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  • Program by InterWave Studios

Half-Life 2 - Stargate : The Last Stand Full client v1.1

Stargate: The Last Stand is a modification for Half-Life 2 promising to bring all the best from the Stargate Movie and TV-Shows into the gaming world. The mod will have multiplayer gameplay focusing on ground combat. Utilizing a unique game play style players will literally have to make their Last Stand as Goa'uld, or Tau'ri.



Beta 1.1 - 03/Feb/09

----------------------HUD & UI


* Fixed objective list showing duplicated items

* Fixed valves new quick list feature on the server browser

* Fixed Developer/Donator icons showing for everyone

* Fixed voice chat indicator showing a blue box for some players

* Fixed chat box closing after you respawn

* Fixed end of round 'win panel' showing wrong team on some occasions

* Fixed end of round panel showing players that have disconnected

* Fixed some spelling mistakes

* Fixed AWP showing skull icon instead of awp icon in death list

* Added an option on the options panel to disable the pretty flashlights

* Fixed direct precache errors showing in the console

* Fixed some problems where capture progress panel would close unexpectedly

* Fixed capture progress panel sometimes staying open after respawn

* Heavy armour no longer shows for scouts (as it was too heavy)

* Fixed truncated team name (goa'uld) in team text chatGeneral Gameplay


* Fixed players being invulnerable while zat stunned

* Fixed player names and player flashlights floating when player has left your view area

* Fixed players being able to change class and get the speed bonuses of the last class

* Fixed capture point exploit

* Fixed being able to pickup some weapons that would push you over your weight limit

* Fixed players spawning on disabled spawnpoints which would ruin the flow of the round

* Removed old special ability code and bind that was removed before initial release

* Fixed spectators taking damage and being able to be killed

* Fixed rare case where players could not spawn into the game

* Fixed flashlights staying after using the rings

* Dead players no longer trigger 'under attack' message

* Fixed defending team not being rewarded if the time runs out

* Spawn protection is removed when you take your first shot

* Fixed various small bugs with equipSound


* Made the Goa'uld objective notification sounds louder

* Added sounds to notify defending team when objectives are being attacked

* Added more distance sounds for weaponsWeapons


* Fixed P90 sometimes looking like it double fires

* Fixed Suicide bomb exploit

* Fixed staff world model blocking other staff shots

* Lessened the amount of energy used by each staff shot slightly

* Fixed G36 zoom bug after reloading

* Fixed suicide bomb showing 3 ammo

* Fixed inaccurate weapon description for P90

* Can now throw multiple C4 explosives before detonating

* Can now switch away from c4 after throwing all C4, and then back to the detonator later

* Fixed some C4 viewmodel animations

* Melee weapons now show 'slash' decal on the hit surface

* Fixed knife not making swing sound unless you are going to hit something

* Melee weapons now interact with physics objects

* Fixed AWP being much lighter than it should be

* Zat now stuns on first shot

* Zat rate of fire has been increased slightly

* Rate of fire increased on hand device

* Fixed delay when throwing a tac while being a kull warrior

* Hand grenades do slightly more damage

* Tac falloff (damage transferred to another player) damage has been reduced

* AWP does more damage, and has more recoil

* Hand grenades now explode faster

* Beretta M9 does less damage, improved recoil

* Added Kull Disruptor weapon attachment for the P90 that the Tauri scout can carry

- Degrades armor of the Kull (shows as P90D)

* Only Goa'uld classes and Tauri scout can carry a Zat

* Projectiles now get offset by view angles (recoil)Maps


* Fixed problems where any server with less than 32 slots would cut parts of maps off

* Fixed problems with entities that were cleaned up after a new round not being setup properly

* Fixed multiple players spawning on the same spawn point

* Erebus camp now requires 2 players to capture

* Fixed some problems with colour correction in erebusOther


* Fixed uninstaller not removing any directories

* Fixed minor memory leak in client and server

* Added Linux server binary

* Various rare crashes fixed

* General optimizationsBeta 1.0 - 18/Jan/09


* Initial Release

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