Torchlight - Merchant Pack Mod v4.1

This mod adds Map, Fish, Gem, Spell & Scroll, Potion and...

  • Category Action RPG
  • Size 260.8 KB
  • Program by Lathlas

Torchlight - Merchant Pack Mod v4.1

This mod adds Map, Fish, Gem, Spell & Scroll, Potion and Ranged weapon sellers to the town. It also modifies the Blacksmith, General Merchant and Gem/Trinket seller to remove overlapping inventories.

This is now a genuine merchant pack. This mod includes Cartographer and Fish vendor mods, valdr's gem merchant, and MissGrim's spell dealer so delete any previously installed copies of those.

Anya's Gem Emporium is included in this with a slight change to her spawnclass so that you can use the same static inventory settings as all of the other merchants.

The Zeris the Cursed spell dealer mod included with this has been modified to support the static inventory options, and to sell Town Portal and Identify scrolls.

The original "Gem seller" is changed to not actually sell gems, spells or maps and has her title changed to "Trinket dealer". She still sells wands & staves, and her trinket rarity levels have been increased, including a slight chance of selling unique trinkets (but not unique weapons). I increased the rarity levels on her wands and staves as well, they should are now the same level as the other weapon dealers. I also changed her soundset because she no longer sells "The finest cut gems & ember."

The General merchant has been changed into an apothecary, he no longer sells fish or scrolls, only potions. He will sell Health and Mana potions scaling with level, including the higher level potions in the Bigger Potions mod. If you have the Potion Deluxe mod installed he will also sell Regen And Rejuv potions scaling with level. He will also sell the Respec potion and any of the various Stat respec potions if you have them installed. He sells a random selection of items with type "MAGIC POTION" if you want your potions to spawn in his inventory you should make them MAGIC POTIONs with a rarity greater than 0. If you DON'T want them to spawn in his inventory, but DO want monsters to drop them, just make them item type POTION

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