Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0-1.4

Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0 to v1.4 Upgrades Heroes...

Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0-1.4

Heroes of Might and Magic III v1.0 to v1.4 Upgrades Heroes of Might and Magic III from version 1.0 to version 1.4. For a list of changes made by this patch, see "more info".

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Heroes of Might & Magic 3: Restoration of Erathia


english update 1.0 to 1.4

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Changes in Version 1.4

- Corrected the Miscellaneous Artifact slots on the Hero's Paperdoll


- Removed the appearance of Combo Artifacts.

- Corrected the single turn, double casting of spells during combat.

Changes in Version 1.3

Multiplayer Updates/Enhancements

- Clicking on the "Chat Slider" in multiplayer no longer crashes the


- Heroes visiting a Sanctuary can no longer be attacked by enemies

with the use of the arrow keys.

- Hot Seat: Combat behaves normally when the last creatures standing

for both heroes are 'Blinded'.

- Multiplayer games launched through the Heroes III, version 1.3,

can play Restoration of Erathia multiplayer maps with games

launched through the Heroes III: The Shadow of Death™ program.

Note: Heroes III, version 1.3 cannot connect to multiplayer games

launched through the Heroes III: Armageddon's Blade™ program.

General Updates

- Dragonflies now cast weakness on the creatures they attack.

- Player can control the arrow towers in siege combat if their

defending hero has the artillery skill.

- Heroes available from the adventure map taverns are the same as

the heroes in the town taverns.

- Changed the formula for the necromancy skill. It is now based on a

skeletons hit points.

- Heroes can now leave creature stacks to guard mines.

- Non-upgraded creatures can be recruited from an upgraded

creature dwelling inside the town.

- Campaign briefing screen now displays an icon representing

scenario difficulty.

- AI hero will now value shooter enhancing artifacts depending on

the amount of ranged attack troops they have.

- AI controlled monsters will now avoid the moat when castle walls

have not been breached.

- Points for finding the grail are now included in the final score

when the game is won from a saved game.

- Customizing a hero will no longer remove the catapult from the

hero's inventory.

- Memory issues regarding low memory, stored graphics, and town

defense have been resolved.

- Monsters can no longer attack a hero visiting a trigger spot if

that hero is not touching the monsters trigger.

- When threatened, AI hero will now protect the castle instead of

going after the grail.

- Flying monsters no longer stand in place for the entire battle

because of obstacle placement.

- Using the "Resurrection" spell at a low level extensively during

combat will not make the price to surrender a negative number.

- Clicking on "Max creatures" after performing a sacrifice at the

Altar of Sacrifice will not crash the game.

- Slider on the Altar of Sacrifice will now reset.

- Heroes exiting the shroud during Repeat Opponent Turn will not be


- Wandering monsters on water now have a one square attack radius

similar to wandering monsters on land.

- "Next Creature" and "Start Combat" buttons no longer disappear if

the game was minimized and restored.

- The hero selector buttons on the adventure screen no longer

disappear after viewing the scenario information screen.

- Resolved an issue with the hero getting off a ship during Replay

Opponents Turn.

- Special Victory Condition: "Build Grail in any town" now functions

correctly and no longer crashes when you look at the Scenario

Information screen.

- Using hot keys such as "D" for "Divide" in the town screen no

longer causes a phantom click or other aberrant behavior.

- Pressing the "T" key when a player doesn't have any town no longer

causes an illegal operation.

- Clicking on a hero's equipped artifact in the kingdom overview

screen will not switch automatically to the backpack and cause odd

game behavior.

- Creatures with the "Berserk" spell cast upon them will now move

towards the nearest creature if they can't reach an enemy in one


- Owning more than 51 map creature dwellings does not crash the game.

- It is no longer possible to fly into a mountain and stop using the

arrow keys.

- You now visit adventure objects instead of flying over them while

using the arrow keys.

- Re-hired heroes no longer get multiple stable bonuses.

- If a garrison hero was eliminated during his turn, using Replay

Opponent Turn no longer causes him to appear permanently in the

visiting hero slot.

- Pyramids no longer give the "Fear" spell.

- Player can no longer dismiss a hero's entire army.


Changes in Version 1.2:


- Eliminated "Gremlin Rush" strategy. Only the first two heroes

hired each week receive a full set of troops. All subsequent

heroes receive a single troop. Also applies to single player games.

- Resolved an issue that allowed players to control a hero that

belonged to another player.

- Resolved an issue that allowed duplication of artifacts.

- Resolved an issue that allowed duplication of a hero.

- Resolved an issue that arose when attempting to use an ally's

marketplace. Each player must use his/her own marketplace.

General Updates:

- Resolved an issue that allowed creature stacks to grow to very

large numbers.

- Sacrifice spell no longer works on enemy troops.

- Resolved an issues that arose from using "Replay Turn" feature.

- Cursor now updates correctly when using Alt-Tab.

- Cursor now updates correctly after using Grail.

- Horde structures now correctly affected by Week of... and Month

of... events.

- Eliminated "Gremlin Rush" strategy. Only the first two heroes

hired each week receive a full set of troops. All subsequent

heroes receive a single troop. Also applies to multiplayer games.

- All hero secondary skills now visible on Kingdom Overview Screen.

- Basic Town Portal will now function if the hero is above ground

and the only castle is below ground or vice versa.

- Surrender costs no longer include summoned creatures.

- Stone and Iron Golems now have correct magic resistance.

- Land Mines and Fire Walls no longer damage creatures immune to

fire magic.

- Shadows no longer disappear on combat screen.

- "Lose Hero" loss condition now correctly functions in saved game


- Timed events now work correctly for Computer Players.

- Game now functions properly when combat screen is filled with many

obstacles, such as quicksand.

- Garrisoned heroes no longer return to garrison after both heroes

are defeated during combat.

- Random Heroes now have correct alignment when Restart Scenario is


- Map Editor now opens a blank, untitled map after an attempt is

made to open an invalid file.


Changes in Version 1.1:

Allied Maps:

- Several Scenario Maps have both allied and non-allied versions for

single and multi-player games. It is easy to spot the allied

versions in the scenario list; each has "(allies)" next to the


Multi-Player Updates:

- Data Transfer has been significantly improved! Amount of data

transferred from player to player was optimized to reduce transfer

times to a fraction of those in version 1.0.

- Hot Seat Updates - Resolved several Hot Seat problems including

month-end issue and problem where games end before all win/loss

conditions are met.

- Town Names and Types now correctly match in Multi-Player Games.

- Right-clicking in the map selection screen will no longer stop

others from choosing their hero.

- Players can no longer see another player's stats nor dismiss

another player's troops or heroes.

Map/Campaign Updates:

- Gold Rush Campaign (Neutral 1B) - Updated to ensure that players

start with correct heroes.

- Steadwick's Fall Camp (Evil 1C) - Reduced difficulty level.

- Dragon Orb - Heroes no longer are trapped after using teleporter.

Redwood Observatory now accessible.

- Vial of Life - All objects now accessible on adventure map.

- Islands and Caves - Treasure Chest now accessible.

- The Mandate of Heaven - Added Brown Tent.

- Warmongers - Removed Market of Time.

- Titan's Winter - Upgraded Black Box treasure.

- Myth and Legend - Updated water area. Added resources.

Balanced artifacts.

- Race for Ardintinny - Fortress Town no longer starts with Mighty


- Barbarian Breakout - Corpse no longer blocks characters path.

- Alchemy Lab Update - Battles at Alchemy Labs are now fought on an

above ground combat screen.

- General - Updated Obelisks and Puzzle Map to ensure that "X" is

not revealed too early.

General Updates:

- Artifact update - The Spirit of Oppression now affects wandering


- Artifact update - Resource artifacts now function correctly on

garrisoned and visiting heroes in towns.

- Creature Update - Troglodytes are immune to stone gaze from


- Creature Update - Cyclops can no longer attack during tactics


- Creature Update - Garrisoned creatures now show proper hero


- Blind - Updated "Blind" spell to work correctly on all creatures.

- Seer's Hut allows you to choose between troops if your party is


- Necromancer Skill - Updated to give the player 2/3 of skeleton


- Resurrected Creatures - Spells that were cast before a creature is

killed no longer affect creature after resurrection. Resolved

other anomalies associated with resurrecting creatures.

- Map Editor - Resolved Text Error in the size of Large maps.

- Custom Hero pictures now displayed correctly in taverns.

- Heroes no longer receive full movement points when rehired in the

same day they die, retreat or surrender.

- Replay Opponent button no longer causes screen to go blank.

- Updated Resource Bar to update correctly the resource stats.

- Updated "Week of..." and "Month of..." to no longer appear in same


- Resolved issue that could occur when selecting Artifacts from the

Kingdom Overview Screen.

- Resolved issue when Archangels attempt to resurrect other


- Resolved issue in Show Advanced Options.

- Save Game Screen - "/" now filtered as an invalid character.

- Program updated to fix anomalies with mouse cursor display on

Voodoo Rush™ cards.

Manual Addenda:

See the H3Update.txt file for the Heroes III Manual Addenda.

**Note: For a more complete list of changes, please review the

H3Update.txt file. This readme file will be located in your Heroes

3 folder once you have updated to version 1.3.

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