Half-Life 2 - Garry's Mod 9.0.4

This is a modification for Half-Life 2 that alters the...

Half-Life 2 - Garry's Mod 9.0.4

This is a modification for Half-Life 2 that alters the in-game weapons to change the physics of the game. Garry's Mod allows players to play around with the physics. You can do ragdoll posing, create cars, create rockets, even create NPC wars!

Version 9.0.3 - 7th November 2005

[ADD] gm_hideandseek by Greg Hughes aka "fayte" and "MrSteak63"

[ADD] Added "cfg/lua.txt" to configure Lua

[FIX] Crash when NPC shoots Jeep

[FIX] Crash when anything happens

[FIX] Crash when hiding GUI text

[FIX] MrSteak's AWFUL scripting in gm_longsight

[FIX] Misc single player crashes

[LUA] Fixed GModQuad_Hide

[LUA] SWEPs with missing scripts no longer spawn

Version 9.0.2 - 6th November 2005

[FIX] Easy Weld crash

[FIX] Easy Axis crash

[FIX] Server hosting crash bug

[FIX] NPC Spawning is always allowed in single player

[FIX] Unable to load from the main menu bug

[FIX] Corrupt save bug after using duplicator

[FIX] Statued ragdolls are a bit more stable

[FIX] Lua memory leak

[ADD] gm_freeze gamemode by Jon Sully aka "Jonny"

[FIX] Updated fortwar map (g33k)

[FIX] Added new weapons to fortwars (g33k)

[FIX] Added buy system to fortwars (g33k)

[FIX] Disabled auto switch in all build gamemodes (g33k)

[LUA] Removed io/os library

[LUA] Added loadlib library

[LUA] _EntSetParent(



[LUA] _EntGetParent(


[LUA] _IsDedicatedServer( )

[LUA] GmodRect/GModText indexes can now be over 128 (~32000 max)

[LUA] GmodRect/GModText doesn't draw when followed ent isn't in PVS

[LUA] _GModQuad_Start(


[LUA] _GModQuad_SetVector(



[LUA] _GModQuad_Hide(





[LUA] _GModQuad_HideAll(


[LUA] _GModQuad_SetTimings(





[LUA] _GModQuad_Send(



[LUA] _GModQuad_SendAnimate(





[LUA] _EntGetName(


[LUA] _EntSetName(



[LUA] eventPlayerUseEntity( playerid, entity )

[LUA] Added lifetype class defs to defines.lua

[LUA] _SetDefaultRelationship(




[LUA] _TraceSetCollisionGroup(


[LUA] Added masks to defines.lua

[LUA] _TraceSetMask(


[LUA] _file.Exists(


[LUA] _file.Read(


[LUA] _file.Write(



[LUA] _file.CreateDir(


[LUA] _file.Find(


[LUA] _file.Delete(


[LUA] _file.Rename(



[LUA] Error messages are now actually useful

[LUA] _TraceAttack(





[LUA] 8, 9 and 0 can be used with PlayerOption now (assuming default cam binds)

[LUA] _EntSetMaxHealth(



[LUA] _EntGetMaxHealth(


Version 9.0.1 - 30th October 2005

[FIX] Tiny memory leak in MP game panel

[FIX] Possible problem with long GUI Text messages

[ADD] Warning when CS:S reload animations are missing on server

[FIX] lastinv fast firing exploit

[CHA] Bloom is now off by default

[CHA] NPC spawning is now allowed by default in server settings

[FIX] Some Coop/NPC fixes

[FIX] Missing GUI Rects in widescreen mode

[ADD] Some missing server files

[CHA] Removed old map (Oops!)

[ADD] Icon for "gm_build_fortwars"

[FIX] Linux server "wrong version" message

[FIX] No longer need to copy CS and HL2MP content on Linux Server

Version 9.0 - 28th October 2005

[ADD] LUA scripting support

[ADD] 'lua' console command to run LUA commands

[ADD] 'lua_openscript' command to run a script

[ADD] 'lua_listbinds' to list available bound functions

[ADD] 'gm_defaultgamerules' command

[FIX] Possible phys properties bug

[FIX] Bots not interacting with physics

[FIX] Random spawn crash

[ADD] Motion blur effect

[ADD] ALL maps now listed at the bottom of the SP/MP game panels

[FIX] MP Game Panel now remembers maxplayers

[ADD] Wind alter sliders in the Admin menu (buggy)

[FIX] Blood now shows properly online

[ADD] Enabled blood for our German speaking friends

[ADD] New scoreboard

[ADD] New admin options

[FIX] Non chat text in chat area text being weird

[FIX] Weapon selection popup when scrolling in spawn menu

[FIX] Modcache optimizations

[ADD] Zombie player model (Thanks to Podunkian)

[ADD] Stalker player model (Thanks to Podunkian)

[ADD] Classic Gordon player model (Thanks to Podunkian)

[ADD] Charple player model (Thanks to Podunkian)

[ADD] Corpse player model (Thanks to Podunkian)

[FIX] Removed black screen on fall damage

[ADD] Working spectator mode

[FIX] Avatars now work for listen server hosts

[ADD] gmod_gamesetup entity

[ADD] gmod_runfunction entity

[ADD] gmod_player_start entity

[ADD] weapon_swep entity

[FIX] Can now spawn using DoD spawnpoints

[FIX] Bloom hitching when switched on for the first time

[FIX] Colour mod hitching when switched on for the first time

[FIX] Bots not registering as bots when they first joined a server

[ADD] Scrollbar on spawnmenu dropdown box. (use gm_spawncombolines to alter)

[ADD] Bloom presets menu

[FIX] Colour mod shader now works

[FIX] Reduced telefragging

[ADD] cs_assault to CS:S minimod

[ADD] 910ths gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)

[ADD] Melon Racer gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)

[ADD] Laser Dance gamemode by Garry Newman (aka garry)

[ADD] Tactical Police Cops gamemode by Garry (really just Lua SWEP examples)

[ADD] BirdPoo gamemode by Andy Vincent

[ADD] Football gamemode by Tristan Pemble (aka n42)

[ADD] Zombie Infestation gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)

[ADD] gm_build_tothetop gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)

[ADD] gm_build_bridge gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)

[ADD] Longsight gamemode by "MrSteak63"

[FIX] Importing custom spraypaints now works

[ADD] SetModel console command ("SetModel alyx", "SetModel breen" etc)

[FIX] Memory leak in mod manager

[ADD] gm_build_fortwars gamemode by Matthew Mullins (aka g33k)

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