Unreal Tournament 3 - BattleRPG V10.1

A completely operational RPG for UT3 which supports all UT3...

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  • Program by Nico de Vries (BattleMode)

Unreal Tournament 3 - BattleRPG V10.1

A completely operational RPG for UT3 which supports all UT3 game types!

Features levels, experience, Mana, magic weapons, artifacts, player classes (optional) and FULL ability management. BattleRPG is highly customizable.

Make Something Unreal Submission:

-Phase 2: Best Game Mod


ReadMe for BattleRPG V10.1


Author: Nico de Vries

Platform: Unreal Tournament 3 (Tested with UT3 1.2)

Website: BigBattleServers.com (the forum can be used for feedback and requests)

Release date: April 13 2008

Version: V10.1


Installation (server administrator manual)


Windows stand-alone:

Store the .u and .upk file(s) in your ..\UTGame\Published\CookedPC\ directory

and the .ini file(s) in your ..\UTGame\Config\ directory. If you have multiple

users in Windows make sure you use the proper My Games directory.

Windows dedicated server:

Store the .u and .upk file(s) in your ..\UTGame\CookedPC\ directory and the

.ini file(s) in your ..\UTGame\Config\ directory.


Store the .u and .upk file(s) in your ../UTGame/CookedPC/ directory and the

.ini file(s) in your ../UTGame/Config/ directory.

For servers you need to add to the command line: ?Mutator=BattleRPG.BattleRPG

REMARK: the .uc files in the SourceFiles directory contain sourcecode for those who are

interested in that. They are not needed to use and run BattleRPG.

The SpecialVersions directory contains 2 customized versions of BattleRPG designed

to work with Galtanors Invasion and UT3 Invasion. Use the BattleRPG.u files in the

SpecialVersions directories instead of the one in the root directory in combination

with the Invasion gametype. The ZIP containing the Invasion gametype has been included

(with permission from the authors) to make it easy to install the right versions

together. The custom versions of BattleRPG might or might not work with future versions

of the Invasion gametypes. The special versions of BattleRPG also support all standard

gametypes (except deathmatch), but can only be used on systems where the Invasion

gametype has also been installed.

The SpecialVersions directory also contains 2 alternative configurations for BattleRPG.

Besides the "Standard Edition" UTBattleRPG.ini in the root of the zip there is also the

"Class Edition" where a player can choose between 3 classes: Warrior, Medic and Magician.

There also is the "Extreme Edition" for those who like it extreme.

For more information see BigBattleServers.com/battlerpg.php


Manual for players.


With BattleRPG each player gets a persistent level and persistent experience. This

means the server keeps a database and remembers your achievements permanently. For

each point you score you get experience, if you have enough experience you go to

the next level:

* The first 25 levels are very easy to get players to learn how RPG works

* Reaching level 80 requires some serious playing but is doable

* Level 100 is tougher to reach

* Over level 100 it becomes hard

* Over level 110 it becomes extremely hard

Besides experience and levels you also collect Mana. Mana is not persisent, if you

leave the server you lose your Mana. Mana can be used for artifacts and for the

Ultra GIB and Quantum weapon magic.

For each level you get some RPG$. With those RPG$ you can buy abilities. You can

press the L button to open the BattleRPG menu and start buying (or selling) abilities.

Examples of abilities are "Health bonus", "Weapon speed", "Vampirism" and "Quick foot".

BattleRPG also has magic weapons. Examples of magic are "Quantum", "Bounce",

"Knockback" and "Ultra GIB".

BattleRPG also has artifacts. Examples of artifacts are "God Mode", "Spiderpig"

and "Mana Gambling".

For more information see BigBattleServers.com/battlerpg.php


Manual for developers.


BattleRPG has been made with extensibility in mind. This means it is relatively easy

for UnrealScript developers to create custom abilities, custom artifacts or custom

magic and use those with BattleRPG.

For more information see BigBattleServers.com/battlerpg.php




V10 -> V10.1

- Fixed server crash when two people both having reflection magic shoot at each other.

V9 -> V10

- Implemented support for Galtanor Invasion 011 and (in theory) all future versions of Galtanor Invasion.

- Tweaked Quantum magic: While being slowed down by Quantum magic all damage is reduced to 20%.

- Tweaked Quantum magic: You now slow down at most 75% (4x) instead of 90% (10x).

- Tweaked Quantum magic: Amount of Mana for the first shot has doubled (2x the level).

- Tweaked Quantum magic: You no longer use Mana if someone is already hit by Quantum magic.

- New magic: Reflection, reflects 5% of all damage per level and reflects Quantum magic back to the owner.

- Game messages are now shown in the HUD instead of in the console.

- Fixed the VCTF radar problem, BattleRPG now fully supports VCTF.

- New ability: Vehicle Vampirism, per level 5% of the damage your vehicle does is added to your vehicle's health.

- New ability: Vehicle Armour, per level your vehicles get 5% more health.

- New ability: Anti Vehicle Bonus, per level your weapons and vehicles do 20% more damage against vehicles.

V8 -> V9

- New magic: Quantum that slows down your victim Matrix style (uses 1 mana per level per hit).

- New magic: knockback, use your opponents as que balls.

- New magic: force and slow motion for faster or slower projectiles (rockets, shock balls).

- New magic: bounce for bouncing projectiles (rockets, shock balls).

- Improved balance: disabled protection for players having an orb or flag.

- Made players with an orb twice as vulnurable.

- Implemented support for Galtanor 009.

- Implemented fix from Thief^ for non magic weapons in Invasion.

- Removed Kamikaze to improve compatibility with custom maps not having a redeemer.

- New NeededXPFactor setting that allows admins to tune the amount of XP needed per level (default=100).

- New MinimumLevel setting that allows an admin to have all players get at least this level.

- Ammo regen now generates ammo for all weapons you are holding, not just the current one.

- Disabled ammo regen and resurrection for special weapons (e.g. no more unlimited spiders).

- Medic healing speed now depends om the medic magic level.

- Medic self healing speed has been reduced.

V7.1 -> V8

- Changed Magic Weapons with custom skins so they now look like Magic Weapons.

- 3 new Magic Weapons: Harm, Poison and Medic. And this poison is lethal!

- 1 new ability: Loaded Medic.

- 1 new artifact: Medic Weapon Maker.

- 1 new class for the Class Edition: Medic.

- Made reaching level 80 easier.

- Increased the bonus for killing higher level players with 300%.

- Implemented support for Galtanor v008 including the Galtanor scoreboard.

- Fixed infinity weapon magic to do 3% extra damage per level instead of 30%.

- Fixed Mana regeneration weapon magic to do 2% extra damage per level instead of 20%.

- Fixed double weapon of the same type with Loaded Weapons + Ressurestion.

- Rearanged the menu so you can see how much RPG$ you have while you choose something.

- Added the artifact configuration settings to all INI files.

- Fixed bug with using the translocator while flying.

- Reduced the available magic types for the stinger.

- Weapon resurrection is now reset between maps.

- Ressurection now also recovers Magic Weapon skin (reported on v7.2 beta).

- Emo no longer give you health if you heal a vehicle.

- Infinite magic is no longer available for the impact hammer.

V7 -> V7.1

- Fixed a problem where the menu shows wrong data after the player gains a level.

- Fixed the ZIP containing the invasion version of BattleRPG in the root instead

of the regular one.

V6 -> V7

- Implemented a new more advance and more user friendly BattleRPG menu.

- New abilities: Loaded Artifacts, Loaded Weapons, Loaded Magic, Weapon Resurrection,

Ammo Bonus, Mana Bonus and Mana Regeneration.

- New weapon magic: Infinity.

- New artifact: Max Magic +2

- Implemented console commands "brpg use artifact", "brpg first artifact",

"brpg next artifact" and "brpg prev artifact" so people can bind this to keys.

- Implemented a new (optional) flexible requirement system allowing player classes etc.

- Implemented dynamic abilities (with dynamic pricing), to make BattleRPG more configurable.

- Created 3 example configurations: Standard Edition, Class Edition and Extreme Edition.

- Implemented support for Galtanor 007 now including BattleRPG levels in the Invasion


- Ultra GIB now takes 2 Mana per level per hit, instead of always 10 Mana per hit.

- Solved the freeze problem with Galtanor's Invasion together with Galtanor.

V5 -> V6

- Imlemented artifacts.

- Removed the 100 Mana bonus (has been replaced with the Bonus artifact).

- You now get bonus XP for killing someone with a much larger level of (diff^2)/100.

- Each magic weapon now also shows how much the damage increases in %.

- Changed Ultra GIB. It now has 5 levels and does 50% extra damage per level.

- Ultra GIB no longer kills team mates.

- Changes suggested by Shambler to remove potential exploits.

- Updated support for UT3 invasion to the 0.9.6 version.

- Integrated the RPG scoreboard enhancement for UT3 Invasion Rodney Powers made for me.

- Fixed bug to improve compatibility with TitanTeamFixUT3.

- Fixed bug in bonus for configurations with >300 health.

- Fixed several ScriptWarnings.

V4 -> V5

- Changes suggested by Shambler to remove potential exploits.

- Fixed a bug which sometimes prevented a players level to be loaded from the database.

- Implemented a backup database to minimize the chance of a player ever losing levels.

- Implemented connection logic to allow BattleRPG to work together with Invasion.

- Fixed several ScriptWarnings.

P3 -> V4

- Solved bug with health bonus ability and vials/kegs with health.

- Vampirism can now go 100 over your starting health.

- Health regen got twice as expensive and now stops for 5 seconds if you get harmed.

- Health regen no longer generates more then you get when you spawn.

- Ammo regen no longer stops if you are harmed.

- Changed the way the levels are saved to reduce the chance of data loss.

- Implemented magic weapons.

- Reduced the health bonus for 100 Mana from 999 to 300 (e.g. for VCTF).

P2 -> P3

- Fixed a bug in needed XP calculations over level 120.

- Added ability management allowing players to spend the RPG$ they got on abilities.

- Created 10 abilities (including damage bonus and vampirism).

- Removed the old "more levels more powers" logic.

P1 -> P2

- Changed BattleRPG to also work in instant action mode.

- Got rid of the small freeze after a spawn.

- Removed experience from the scoreboard, now only shows level, to make it cleaner.

- Made it harder to collect Mana in Warfare.

- Made XP needed for leveling more realistic over level 100.

- Ammo regen speed is now dependant on the max ammo of the current weapon.

- Scoreboard now also shows RPG levels if there are a lot of players.


Thanks to (for inspiration, contributions, running servers and many many sugestions)











Mysterial, Druid, Fluffy (Dezz), Strifer, Shambler, Piglet, Jrubzjeknf,

BrockSamson, Szlat, NIR_Meteor


Epic: Made UT3 and all the tools needed to mod it.

Wulff (Titan): Made vampire code which I used to create the vampire ability.

Shambler (Titan): Some very useful tips to remove some potential exploits.

Shambler (Titan): Tip to improve compatibility with TitanTeamFixUT3.

Frostbyte: Made code to make BattleRPG work together with Invasion.

Michael Wells (Galtanor): Help with integration and permission to bundle.

Rodney Powers: Help with integration and permission to bundle for UT3 Invasion.

Rodney Powers: Made a custom extention to show RPG levels in the Invasion scoreboard.

Michael Wells (Galtanor): Solved the freeze problem together.

Michael Wells (Galtanor): Implemented RPG levels in the scoreboard together.

r3sistance: Tested BattleRPG to work with Linux servers and provided install instructions.

ShadeMistress: Made Shade's Liquid Texture Samples which I used to make materials.

Thief^: Submitted code to solve the non magic weapon problem with Galtanors invasion.


BattleRPG Copyright (C) 2007-2008 Nico de Vries.

BattleRPG is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.

This program also contains elements (e.g. graphics and certain code fragments)

which are Copyright 1998-2007 Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved. That part

is covered by the Epic license and not by the GPL.

Liquid Texture Samples copyright ShadeMistress. BRPGExt_ modules are made by

and sometimes copyright by other authors as mentioned in the BRPGExt_ source

files. They are not covered by the GPL.


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