Fly! II Patch (Build 197)

This is the latest patch for FlyII! See more info for full...

Fly! II Patch (Build 197)

This is the latest patch for FlyII! See more info for full details on the patch.


Build 197 (6/15/01)

Increased performance with AI aircraft (Dynamic Scenery)

Increased performance in multiplayer (Dynamic Scenery)

ATC for AI aircraft added

AI Aircraft now will lower and raise their landing gear.

Navajo Fuel Selector is fixed.

The positions of runways related to taxiways has improved.

Peter A. Ja cobson's Taxiway editor has been included (thanks Peter!)

Pilatus - Panel flickering fixed

Peregrine - APU and Ventral tanks fixed

Kodiak RMI fixed

Sahara RMI fixed

Autocoordinate when Aileron Steering

Bell Trim Axis and Keys Added (only Pitch by default)

Peregrine A/P tracks Flight Plan

Pilatus A/P tracks Flight Plan

Kodiak Fuel Selector fixed. Outboard tanks will drain now.

Low visibility bug has been corrected. Visibility of less than 10 miles should now work properly.

Autopilot now features wind compensation in Tracking Mode

Haze appearing where it should not bug has been fixed.

The Pilatus low prop RPM annunciator is fixed

A multitude of aircraft system fixes (too many to list)

You should delete all .HST files in your Aircraft directory after installation of this feature pack.

Several coastline problems have been fixed around Europe. This includes problems around Greece, Spain, England as well as Northwest Africa. This is only fixed after downloading the separate, optional globe.pod patch.

--------- SDK / DLL / Designers -------------

Transponder Altitude reports True MSL unless the Altimeter Message instructs otherwise.

Wing Subsystem was added to provide Message access to Aero Model (reconfigure wings inflight)

Mixer Subsystem was added to provide Message access to Mixer (reconfigure controllers inflight)

Transponder Message access is consistent for all Transponder Classes now.

APICreateFlyObject accepts a file with an NFO extension to provide support for creating aircraft from NFO Files directly.

APILoadBitmap will open valid files now.

DLLReceive has been enabled again.

--------- Database Editor ---------

Menus and record displays now properly refresh.

Latitude/longitude fields are now formatted and can be directly entered.

Protection against losing changes to a record.

General improvements to UI and navigation.

---------- Scenery Slicer ---------

The Scenery slicer has now been integrated into the editor. Documentation on this now resides in the Howto folder below the Fly! II folder.

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