My Little Pony Demo

We're not entirely sure about this, but you can run around...

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My Little Pony Demo

We're not entirely sure about this, but you can run around as a pretty pink pony known as Galaxy (we think). If you know the correct name to this horse, you should love this demo as it has you jumping off clouds and running...forever. Key controls can be found under More Information.

W[hold] - walk; +LMB - run

SPACE - jump, [hold] - jumpmove

Y[hold] - don't turn head

scroll - change camera distance

L - let clouds still/move (eat a lot CPU, default is on)

H - edit hair mode

SPACE[hold]+LMB - create, draw[selected]

LMB - move;+S[hold] move selected

Q+LMB - cut

del - del

M[hold]+LMB - move selected hair root

CTRL+N - clear

CTRL+L - load

O[hold]+LMB - coloring (1,2,3,4..)

other keys


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