Boot Disk 98

Boot Disk Floppy Image for Windows 98 Operating Systems,...

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  • Program by trinsic

Boot Disk 98

Boot Disk Floppy Image for Windows 98 Operating Systems, runs in dos mode.


Loads Smart Drive, Mouse, and Doskey drivers.

Added a bunch of utilites in a 4 mb ramdrive to help setup a new operating system or fix problems on a hard disk.

You Must have WinImage to extract this image to disk.


1) Replaced SCANDISK.EXE with NDD.EXE

2) Added LIST.COM (Menu driven file manager)

3) Added HDIR.COM (Colorific directory command)


5) Added XCOPY.EXE

6) SmartDrv.exe is executed on boot along with a doskey.

7) IDE CDROM drivers support

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